A lot of questions about Trump and Russia

Jul 14, 2017

While President Trump says he only learned about his son’s Russia meeting "2 or 3 days ago,” sources tell Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News that Trump’s lawyers knew of the Russia emails back in June.

Trump will apparently Hire Lawyer Ty Cobb to Respond to all the Russia Probes, Jennifer Jacobs reports in Bloomberg.

“Look what you did, @michaeldweiss,” Blake Hounshell tweeted. He added a link to Craig Silverman’s BuzzFeed piece How A False Conspiracy Theory About The Russian Lawyer Who Met With Don Jr. Spread To Trump. Jon Passantino “From troll to Trump.”

What about Trump’s people

The Center for Public Integrity’s Chris Zubak-Skeesemail filed a piece on Steve Bannon misreporting a $2 million debt in a financial disclosure.

BuzzFeed has leaked documents they say suggest secretive billionaire Robert Mercer, who is a massive Trump donor, is also Milo’s patron. That piece from Joseph Bernstein.

So what's happening in America

The Wall Street Journal has a report on the death of Peter Smith, the GOP activist who sought Hillary Clinton’s emails and reportedly killed himself, according to Shane Harris, Reid Epstein, Geoffrey Fowler, Christopher Mims.

In Hawaii, a federal judge just placed new limits on the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban enforcement rules, Chris Geidner reported in BuzzFeed. This comes just weeks after the Supreme Court’s  June 26 ruling ruling allowed a portion of the executive order.

“Jamie Dimon, new hero,” Lynsey Barber tweeted today. She’s talking about JPMorgan's CEO blowing up at Washington on an earnings call. And yes, Evelyn Cheng wrote all about it for CNBC. If you need a snippet from his rant, here it is: "It's almost embarrassing being an American...listening to the stupid s*** we have to deal with."

And what about healthcare

Sarah Kliff, who is tirelessly covering healthcare for Vox, has an update that Senate Republicans will exempt their own health coverage from part of the latest proposal. “Under new Senate HC bill, some insurance plans won't offer maternity coverage* *Unless you/your fam are in Congress,” Jim Tankersley tweeted.

In Bloomberg, Anna Edney, Hannah Recht, and Laura Litvan explain that the Republican Obamacare repeal would send hundreds of millions of extra federal dollars to Alaska. But “Senator Lisa Murkowski is holding off from giving her much-needed vote to the bill.” “Call it the Polar Payoff,” Drew Armstrong wrote.

But who will read the news?!

NPR’s reporters, producers, and hosts are in tough contract talks with management and they’re looking for help over at wemakenpr.org. Ari Shapiro tweeted, “Lots of people have asked how they can help. Here's your answer.” “Please, we need your help to tell the management of NPR that they should value the people who make NPR,” Monika Evstatieva added.

“Gather 'round friends. Lemme tell u a little story abt how ur beloved NPR voices are this close to going on strike,” Sam Sanders tweeted. He’s referring to this piece in The Hollywood Reporter says NPR is Headed Towards a Possible SAG-AFTRA Strike.

In other news about employers, Sears managers are supposed to earn thousands in bonuses while laid-off workers get no severance, according to Sophia Harris from CBC.

Lighter fare

“Need a break from the news? Take a look at this fabulous photo essay about Australia,” Robin Respaut tweeted. He’s referring to Adam Ferguson’s in the New York Times, which takes us Through the Outback. Farhad Manjoo also called the piece “fantastic.”

“My hovercraft is no longer full of eels,” Scott Hammers tweeted about this amazing piece from Jim Ryan at Oregon Live. Unedited, the headline reads: Truck full of eels overturns on U.S. 101, dousing sedan with slithering sea creatures.

And we officially have a photo of Beyoncé’s twins, who are 1 month old, according to this Instagram that shook the world around midnight last night.

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