Good boy!

Let’s start today by introducing you to “The hero we don't deserve,” as Jake Bleiberg tweets. That’s Storm, a 6-year-old golden retriever who Rescued a Drowning Deer to Become a Social Media Hero (21,000+ shares), as Sarah Nir reports for The New York Times (although she adds, somewhat menacingly, “Definitely do not imagine that the dog was hungry.”) Rick Rojas points out, “I like how proud this dog looks, like he knows what people are saying about him but hasn't let it go to his head.” If the story wasn’t great enough as it is, Mike Rutherford and others also noted that it came with the “Best newspaper correction”: “An earlier version of this article misidentified the breed of Storm the dog. He is a golden retriever, not a Labrador retriever. (He is still a good boy.)”

Nothing to see here

“All this hype over Russia, but it’s not like the president's having secret meetings w/Putin or anything...Wait, what?” tweets Stuart Elliott. Yes, turns out, Trump and Putin Held a Second, Undisclosed, Private Meeting (68,000+ shares), reports The New York Times’ Julie Davis. She writes, “There is no official United States government record of the intimate dinner conversation, because no American official other than the president was involved.” Well, “That's not alarming at all,” says Kimberly Winston. Wonders Peter Gleick, “How will this make our allies feel about sharing sensitive intelligence information with the Trump administration?” Adam Nagourney advises, “Might not be a bad idea for President Trump to catch a few episodes of House of Cards.”

The Hill’s Max Greenwood and Jordan Fabian report on the story in Ian Bremmer: Trump, Putin held second informal meeting at G-20 (50,000 shares). And Philip Rucker has the story in The Washington Post, Trump had undisclosed hour-long meeting with Putin at G-20 Summit (22,000+ shares). “Cool. Sure,” says Maya Shwayder. Adds John Abell, “Nothing to see here. But kinda makes ya wonder if Ivanka was a diversion all along.”

Speaking of Trump children, there’s still more on that Don, Jr. June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower. As Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post reports, Eighth person in Trump Tower meeting is identified, Ike Kaveladze, an American-based employee of a Russian real estate company. Helderman also reveals, as Sarah Mimm tweets, “Mueller called the Agalarovs attorney this weekend, to ask who the 8th person was — confirms investigation.” Just who is this eighth man? Katie Zavadski takes a look in her piece for The Daily Beast, Donald Trump Jr. Met Russian Accused of Laundering $1.4 Billion.

While we’re on the subject of Trump Tower, did you know? U.S. Military’s Space in Trump Tower Costs $130,000 a Month, reports The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Sonne. He tweets, “US govt pays $130k a month for 3,475 sq ft space in Trump Tower, But 3,725 sq ft space was up for $50k last year.” His piece also notes that “Donald Trump hasn’t spent a night at the New York skyscraper since becoming president.”

But we’re not done with Russia yet. Nico Hines of The Daily Beast reports, GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C., writing that California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher “sought to alter sanctions legislation and tried to set up a virtual show trial on Capitol Hill” after receiving a secret document from officials in Moscow. Here’s how Sam Stein puts it: “The same characters who met w/ Don Jr. nearly hijacked a congressional hearing/turned it into a pro-Putin spectacle.” “Jesus Christ,” says Noga Tarnopolsky. Kyle Griffin calls the piece “Explosive. Daily Beast reports the Kremlin gave directions to GOP Rep. Rohrabacher to discredit the Magnitsky Act.”

This didn't take long

Greg Neumann is referring to ‘Plan C’ on Obamacare, Repeal Now and Replace Later, Has Collapsed (168,000+ shares), from Thomas Kaplan of The New York Times, who writes, “Mr. Trump declared that his plan was now to ‘let Obamacare fail,’ and suggested that Democrats would then seek out Republicans to work together on a bill to bury the Affordable Care Act.” Kaplan also quotes Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, who said, of her rationale for rejecting repeal without replacement: “I did not come to Washington to hurt people.” What’s next for health care? Tweets Patrick LaForge, “So is Plan D to rebrand Obamacare as Trumpcare and call it a day?”

How did it all fall apart? Over lemon ricotta agnolotti. Robert Costa, Kelsey Snell and Sean Sullivan explain it on the front page of The Washington Post, ‘It’s an insane process’: How Trump and Republicans failed on their health-care bill. Tweets Costa, “INSIDE THE ROOM: As the bill collapsed Monday, ‘The president talked about France and Bastille Day,’ per a senator.”

But it’s not just the health care failure. In Trump Is Showing The World What A Weak American Presidency Looks Like, BuzzFeed’s Tarini Parti, Adrian Carrasquillo and John Hudson write, “More than just the health care collapse, Donald Trump has so far failed to bring the ‘Art of the Deal’ to the White House.” “How do you solve a problem like the donald,” says Marissa Carroll.

For another take, “This @mattfleg piece is harsh--and hilarious,” tweets Nick Schifrin, who’s referring to Trump as a Novel: An Implausible ‘Soap Opera Without the Sex and Fun’, by Matt Flegenheimer of The New York Times. Michael Tackett tweets, “Trump as a Novel: A ham-fisted plot. Russian intrigue. Face lift tweets. A This Town sendup by @mattfleg.”

On the other hand

“Can ritual humiliation and demands of submission coexist with lefty politics? No, writes @HeerJeet,” tweets Jill Filipovic, linking to the piece from The New Republic’s Jeet Heer, The Dirtbag Left and the Problem of Dominance Politics. Heer writes, “Trump insulted his way to the White House. Now, Chapo Trap House is trying to insult Democrats into moving left—a strategy that's doomed to fail.” Joan Walsh calls it “An excellent rejoinder to the non-socialist ‘dominance politics’ of the Dirtbag Left from @heerjeet.” Matt Saccaro’s view: “This wasn't well thought out and kind of substance-less.” Brendan O'Connor says, “People are doing the same hand wringing about Chapo that they did about Gawker,” and Kyle Robbins tweets, “this piece is good, thanks, bye.”

And “WaPo poll pours cold water on Ds ‘enthusiasm’ advantage. Trump supporters more committed to vote in ’18,” tweets Amy Walter, linking to Ahead of midterms, voters prefer Democrats even as Republicans appear more motivated to vote, by Mike DeBonis and Emily Guskin at The Washington Post. “Dems, even in the age of Trump, are doing better $ than mid-country Rs. Does that make them less motivated to vote?” asks Glenn Thrush.

Wacky avocado and robot takeovers

Sharon Terlep of The Wall Street Journal writes, “The Journal reviewed a year’s worth of company transcripts to see what CEOs say they have discovered” about the likes and dislikes of Millennials. The findings are presented in Millennials, as Seen by Corporate America. Joe Martin calls it a “Good read on why ‘millennials are over indexing on charcoal’ and other things,” and Greg Bensinger notes, “The ‘olds’ don't try wacky flavors like avocado.” Says Allison Babka, “I don't necessarily agree w/ these takes on #Millennials, but I love the way @WSJ showcases the info.” And Brian Fitzgerald wants you to know, “Not for nothing, but I've been eating cereal for dinner for three decades.”

Also at The Wall Street Journal, Sarah Nassauer explains that Robots Are Replacing Workers Where You Shop. As Carl Quintanilla tweets, “The robots have come for WalMart employees.” “That robot takeover? Already happening at stores near you,” says Theo Francis.

This is a really delightful story

Paige Lavender refers you to A 9-Year-Old Tripped, Fell and Discovered a Million-Year-Old Fossil, by Jacey Fortin of The New York Times. Tweets Nsikan Akpan, “‘Don't act like you're not impressed,’ Jude, now 10, said in a phone interview on Tuesday.”

Oh, and one last thing to sink your teeth into today. Michael Phelps will be racing a great white. Chris Noth will be narrating “Sharks and the City.” Yes, that can only mean one thing: Shark Week 2017. If you haven’t started your countdown yet, Entertainment Weekly’s Dan Snierson has you covered with Shark Week 2017: Your Ultimate Guide to All 18 Programs.

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