Featured Journalist: “Captain” John Kirk

Today’s featured journalist is none other than “Captain” John Kirk. The Toronto-based pop-culture writer has ten years of publishing experience and is a fifteen-year veteran of teaching English and History in the classroom. He’s also been a librarian with a Specialist's Level of Qualification.

As you may have guessed, John is a “lifelong fanboy with a passion for all things geek.” He adds, “if it’s geek-worthy, I’ve written about it.” You can find his work in places like www.popmythology.com, Roddenberry Entertainment's www.Priorityonepodcast.com, www.Trekcore.com and BACK ISSUE magazine. He’s also interviewed a number of celebrities, including “Battlestar Galactica’s” Edward James Olmos and Richard Hatch; “Star Trek” TNG’s Jonathan Frakes and Voyager’s Robert Picardo; Marvel Comics legend Chris Claremont; and A-list DC Comics writers and artists. Find out more, and check out his portfolio here.

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