You got tronc’d!

Gabriel Snyder is referring to the news that The Daily News, a Distinctive Voice in New York, Has Been Sold to tronc, inc., publisher of The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, as Andrew Ross Sorkin reports for The New York Times. “Welcome to New Tronc City,” says Chandra Steele. As @nytmedia tweets, “Owning The Daily News would give Tronc newspapers in the country’s three biggest media markets.” “Good luck Newsers. And good luck New York,” says Dan Morrison. Read The New York Daily News coverage here: The New York Daily News is sold to tronc, Inc. And Rick Kogan and Robert Channick cover the deal for tronc-owned Chicago Tribune and LA Times, Tronc acquires New York Daily News. “oh my god, zuckerman really did sell @nydailynews for $1 after all,” tweets Mike Tigas.

Breaking news?

Spicer lands post-White House gig, reports POLITICO’s Anni Karni. She tweets, “Spicer hitting paid speaking circuit, where he's pitched for his ‘candor in briefing room.’ 1st $$ gig on 9/11 in NY.” “So dry,” says Alex Burns, referring to “Audiences ... will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House.” So look forward to some “Spicey speeches,” as Jacob Kornbluh puts it. “Painful to watch Sean Spicer speak as press secretary. Now for some reason people are going to pay for the privilege,” tweets John McQuaid.

Also in “Breaking news?” Mark MacKinnon directs you to Putin Says Trump Is Not His Wife, from the Moscow Times. “Huge if true,” says Megha Mohan.

Speaking of Russia, at CNN, Manu Raju and Evan Perez write that Intensifying Russia probes could pit Hill against Mueller. Raju tweets, “A look at Mueller's aggressive tactics, including a fight w Manafort over his Senate Intel transcript,” and “Senate Intel looking into circumstances around late Peter Smith, GOP operative searching for hacked Clinton emails.”

Alpha male news

Let’s go “Inside the White House drama,” as Christine Harper tweets. Key Trump Aide's Departure Is Said to Rattle President's Allies, write Bloomberg’s Shannon Pettypiece and Jennifer Jacobs, referring to the departure of Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller. Tweets Kyle Griffin, “Keith Schiller says he feels John Kelly doesn't like Trump personally—only does job out of sense of duty to country.” As Jon Swaine puts it, “Alpha male news: tantrums expected over loss of ‘emotional anchor’ Schiller, who's upset WH isn't sycophantic enough.”

Hoo boy, what a paragraph

On DACA, President Trump Has No Easy Path, report Glenn Thrush, Maggie Haberman and Julie Davis of The New York Times. Haberman tweets, “Trump asked aides for a ‘way out’ of the dilemma over DACA,” and “Kelly, who tried for much of his half-year at DHS to nudge Congress toward a DACA fix, came up w 6 month compromise.”

Trump’s handling of DACA and other Obama-era policies has Ben Smith of BuzzFeed wondering, Why Does Trump Always Shoot The Hostages? “Excellent analysis of why ending DACA isn't just bad policy, it's terrible strategy,” says Jon Hecht. And “Interesting point here suggesting Bannon understood leverage better than Trump,” tweets John HudsonKeegan Hamilton tweets, “Hoo boy, what a paragraph by @BuzzFeedBen on Trump/DACA. Nails it,” referring to Trump’s “hostage-taker choice” of attention over power: “Again and again, he’s faced choices between attention and power, between the reality show narrative and the complex realities of governance. He’s chosen attention every time, and there’s little reason to think that’s about to change.”

For another look at DACA, read the piece by Sal Hernandez and Albert Samaha in BuzzFeed, These Two Men Who Grew Up Undocumented Died Trying To Save Harvey Flood Victims. Tweets Samaha, “Alonso Guillén & Tomas Carreon grew up undocumented, died rescuing #Harvey victims. @SalHernandez & I spoke w fam.”

And at The Daily Beast, Harry Siegel has the story, ICE Wrongly Imprisoned an American Citizen for 1,273 Days. Judges Say He’s Owed Nothing for That.

Mitch? Are you there?

“After a recess in which Trump heaped criticism on GOP lawmakers, Congress returns tomorrow with a long to-do list,” tweets Rebecca Ballhaus, who links to the story from Michael Bender of The Wall Street Journal, Congress Faces a Tense Agenda, With Little Margin for Error. “An awkward anecdote in the Journal,” as Noah Rothman puts it, that caught a lot of attention: “Mitch?” the president said when Mr. McConnell fell silent in one call. “Are you there?”

Smart analysis of the state of the South

Steve Fennessy tweets “.@BitterSouth ‘has emerged as a kind of kitchen-sink New Yorker’ for the South—@RichardFausset on @chuckreece's baby.” He links to In Southern Magazines, Easy Pleasures and Hard Questions, Richard Fausset’s piece in The New York Times about Southern publications the Bitter Southerner, Garden & Gun and Scalawag. “Glad to see @chuckreece & @BitterSouth getting (even more) national love,” says Greg Bluestein, and Lewis Wallace tweets, “Real good article in the @nytimes about southern magazines, in which @scalawagmag is the rabble rouser! So proud!” Kim Severson calls it a “Smart analysis of the state of the South told through the filter of its magazines and @RichardFausset's brain.”

Irma strengthens

“The #HurricaneIrma outlook gets more serious. Stores restocked overnight, so get your supplies,” tweets Rick Hirsch. Powerful Irma expected to strike Leeward Islands beginning Tuesday on path headed for Florida, as the Miami Herald’s Jenny Staletovich reports. AP News is keeping track of The Latest: Hurricane Irma strengthens to a Category 5 storm.

Sorry about it all, you baleful lunk

And finally today, from Giri Nathan at Deadspin, A Letter To Juan Martin Del Potro From A Guy Who Gave Up Too Early. “I will never give up on your messy emotional odyssey just to watch the Swiss nerd go about another straight-sets day at the office…Sorry about it all, you baleful lunk. You prolific hugger. You empty threatener of racket violence.”

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