Earthquake in Mexico

Sep 08, 2017

A Strong Earthquake Hits Off Mexico’s Coast, Gerry Mullany reported for the New York Times.

The AP followed up with: Magnitude-8 earthquake hits southern Mexico, felt in capital.

Later adding At least 3 killed in Mexico quake, in Chiapas.

Hurricane in the Atlantic

The New York Times’ Frances Robles reports Devastation in the Caribbean as Irma Heads Toward Miami. “More than 70% of households in Puerto Rico were w/o power. On St. Martin... 95% of the island was destroyed,” Arielle Duhaime-Ross tweeted.

And in one GIF, Joel Nihlean and Eric Holthaus at Grist explain why Irma is a monster hurricane. “Hurricane Andrew (1992, inset) & Hurricane Irma (today), at scale,” Holthaus tweeted.

The New York Times’ Jonah Bromwich found a couple named Harvey and Irma. They’ve been married 75 years and can’t believe these storms have their names.

Days after saying that Hurricane Irma would not hit the U.S. and insisting that scientists and the liberal media were hyping up the hurricane as proof of their global warming “lie,” Rush Limbaugh will evacuate South Florida after all, Addy Baird wrote in Think Progress.

‘Bring pencils’ and 49 other things hurricane pros know, Martin Merzer writes in Poynter. It’s the Miami Herald veteran hurricane writer sent his staff in advance of hurricanes and includes tips like: "Rewrite gets real annoyed when your screams of pain...inhibit transcription of your dictated notes."

Meanwhile, All five former Presidents - Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama - are teaming up to help hurricane victims, Paul Brandus tweeted. And they’re doing it through One Nation. One Appeal.

A security breach

One of the biggest stories yesterday is that credit reporting firm Equifax was hacked, an incident that could potentially affect 143 million US consumers, according to CNBC.

Now, there’s news that Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Was Revealed, Anders Melin writes in Bloomberg. “Here's a story from @MelinAnders that will give you *thinking face emoji*,” Caleb Melby tweeted.

Back to Russia & North Korea

“I've been looking for Russian fingerprints on Facebook and Twitter during the 2016 election. Here's what I found,” Scott Shane tweeted. His piece is On Facebook and Twitter, a Hunt for Russia’s Meddling Hand and ran in the New York Times.

Meanwhile, in the New Yorker, Evan Osnos looks into The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea. “Incredible reporting from @eosnos in Pyongyang,” Lainna Fader praised.

Trump news

Under President Trump, ICE planning 5-day nationwide raids to target 8,400 undocumented immigrants later this month, officials told NBC News. Julia Edwards Ainsley and Andrew Blankstein found out it’s called Operation Mega. Jamil Smith put it another way: “ICE wants to round up 8,400 undocumented immigrants in one weekend. Government weaponized to soothe white fragility.”

“Trump has quietly let Obamacare's entire outreach budget lapse, causing lost jobs and confusion,” Sarah Kliff at Vox explains. She added, “The Obamacare outreach budget ended September 1. It's September 8, and the new funds still haven't gone out.”

If you haven’t yet, make sure you read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ latest in The Atlantic: Donald Trump Is the First White President. “Send to Kindle button,” Laura McGann tweeted. While Carlos Lozada shared this quote from the piece: "To Trump, whiteness is neither notional nor symbolic but is the very core of his power."

News potpourri

An Election Integrity Commission accused New Hampshire voters of fraud, according to David Weigel at the Washington Post. “In one hour, I found four legit NH voters whom Kobach accused of being fraudulent,” he added on Twitter.

Uber is Facing an FBI Probe Over​ a Program They Had Targeting Rival Lyft, Rebecca Davis O’Brien, Greg Bensinger, Geoffrey Fowler, and Christopher Mims found out for the Wall Street Journal.

And we got news yesterday that Graydon Carter will End his 25-Year Run as Vanity Fair’s Editor from Michael M. Grynbaum at the New York Times.

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