She was what is known as a pistol

Sep 13, 2017

“Thanks for everything, Edie,” tweets Jane Coaston, responding to the news that Edith Windsor, Whose Same-Sex Marriage Fight Led to Landmark Ruling, Dies at 88 (195,000+ shares). Robert McFadden has the obituary in The New York Times, writing, “Her wife, Judith Kasen-Windsor, confirmed the death, at a hospital, but did not specify a cause. They were married in 2016.” “She was what is known as a pistol,” says Kara Swisher. Tweets John Schwartz, “Oh, this is sad. But what a life. She was a joy to interview.” Sarah Karlan has the obit for BuzzFeed, Edith Windsor, Hero Of The Marriage Equality Movement, Dies At 88.

These dudes suck

“Please read this story all the way to the end, there are too many issues referenced here to raise in a single tweet,” says Anjali Khosla, but we’ll start with these: “This startup that wants to replace bodegas is literally called Bodega,” as Anna Hensel tweets, “The cynicism of this idea is so pure as to be crystalline,” as Paul MacInnes tweets, and “Tech Bros Invent the Vending Machine,” as Ian Bogost tweets. Elizabeth Segran has the story for Fast Company, Two Ex-Googlers Want To Make Bodegas And Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete. Here’s how Jim Aley breaks it down: “Huge: technology that sells foodstuffs and sundries without a salesperson - a ‘vending machine,’ if you will.” In other words, “these dudes suck,” tweets Shane Barnes. Also, “Nope. Nope. Nope. Fuck you, pal,” tweets Susan Arendt.

For “The bad news politics of big tech,” as Anthony DeBarros puts it, read Ben Smith’s new piece in BuzzFeed, There's Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley, in which “@BuzzFeedBen nails the growing public concern about technology conglomerates,” Lucas Shaw tweets. “Essential reading and dot-connecting,” says Margaret Sullivan.

Some breaking news from The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, The Trump Campaign Has Begun Turning Over Documents to Mueller. She tweets, “John Dowd told me he has been personally delivering Trump campaign documents to Mueller.” “It's another monster scoop from @woodruffbets,” tweets Spencer Ackerman. And at CNN, Manu Raju and Marshall Cohen report, Dems to Mueller: Flynn broke law on security forms.

But “Newsflash: Dem drift to the left has become a major handicap in capitalizing on Trump woes, Dem strategists fear,” tweets Josh Kraushaar, who links to Edward-Isaac Dovere’s POLITICO piece, Teflon Donald Trump. “Memo to Democrats: Good candidates matter. Great candidates matter more,” says Marc Caputo.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post’s David Weigel has your “FIRST LOOK at @SenSanders Medicare for All bill. 4-year phase in, no co-pays, private market only for supplemental,” as he tweets. That piece is Sanders will introduce universal health care, backed by 15 Democrats. And here’s Bernie Sanders’s op-ed in The New York Times, Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

A 21st century informational war machine

“Big @NYTMag piece out on RT & Sputnik,” says Scott Rose. That’s RT, Sputnik and Russia’s New Theory of War, by Jim Rutenberg for The New York Times Magazine. The piece explains, tweets Rutenberg, “How Russia built a 21st century Informational War machine that thrives in Western political fever swamps.” Says Charles Homans, “Mind-boggling new @jimrutenberg piece on RT, Sputnik and the new Russian media empire.”

And “Wow. Amazing story from @John_Hudson,” tweets Daniel Drezner, of Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows, the scoop from John Hudson of BuzzFeed. Tweets Natasha Bertrand, “The document outlines a reset and ‘pretends that the election interference and the Ukraine crisis never happened.’” Miriam Elder highlights, “Russia wanted high level mtgs as part of huge reset, incl FSB chief mtg head of CIA + FBI, months after inauguration.” Meanwhile, Lucian Kim tweets, “Kremlin confirms @BuzzFeedNews scoop on outreach to Trump administration: ‘Yes, such proposals were passed on.’”  

Also, “In the hunt for Russian hackers everyone is forgetting what Russia remains REALLY good at: good old fashioned spying,” Elder tweets, linking to These Cigarette Smugglers Are On The Frontlines Of Russia’s Spy War, by BuzzFeed’s Holger Roonemaa

On the local politics front

Allie Gross of the Detroit Free Press reports that Kid Rock denies Detroit Free Press credentials for Little Caesars Arena concert after the paper’s Editorial Page Editor Stephen Henderson wrote a column that was critical of the decision to open the stadium with him. “Ladies & Gentlemen, #KidSnowflake,” tweets Jon King.

At the Seattle Times, Jim Brunner, Daniel Beekman and Lewis Kamb have the story on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigning after fifth child sex-abuse allegation. They reported earlier on the fifth allegation, Mayor Ed Murray’s cousin: He sexually abused me, too.

Start-Up Life

Nathaniel Popper tweets, “here's the story about sofi’s ceo that @ktbenner and I were finishing up on Mon when the board decided he had to go,” referring to his piece with Katie Benner in The New York Times, Questions Over C.E.O.’s Conduct Cloud Social Finance, a Lending Start-Up. Tweets Benner, “VERY detailed look at #SoFi & Mike Cagney: heated loan standard debates & sex in the parking lot.” Adds Popper, “life at sofi, where the bosses sent vulgar texts, hooked up w employees and offered bonuses for women losing weight.” “Every piece of reporting here is devasting. Do investors do due diligence?” asks Shira Ovide. Daniel Gross calls it “fantastic, sophisticated reporting,” and Teddy Schleifer says, “holy shit what a story.”

With friends like this ...

“A Playboy centerfold, a retired congresswoman, and a stealth campaign to influence the courts,” tweets Zachary Mider, summarizing his new Bloomberg piece, How Anna Nicole Smith’s Billionaire In-Laws Secretly Lobbied the Courts. Tracy Alloway calls it a “Must-read on Anna Nicole Smith and amicus briefs (yep).” “Remarkable story from @zachmider,” tweets Joe Weisenthal. “With friends like this ... great @zachmider story on how it’s possible for well-funded litigants to stack the deck,” says Tim Annett.

Here’s a good thing to read today

Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf reports, ESPN Issues Craven Apology For Jemele Hill’s Accurate Descriptions Of Donald Trump. In light of that, “Here's a good thing to read today,” tweets Tom Ley: At The Ringer, Bryan Curtis talks with Jemele Hill on the Fight for the Future of ESPN. Curtis writes, “The new cohost of ‘SportsCenter’ and her partner, Michael Smith, have been blamed for the network’s perceived liberal bias. Should they embrace debate or block the trolls? Hill shares her side.” Joe Rexrode tweets, “Thanks to @bryancurtis for this piece on @jemelehill and ESPN. It's worth the time.”

Rembert Browne tweets, “I wrote a profile of Colin Kaepernick. I wrote an essay about America.” He links to his piece in Bleacher Report, Colin Kaepernick Has a Job. Says Brian Wolly, “This piece by @rembert is probably two sections too long, but is masterfully crafted and presented. Worth your time.”

This is “Flat-out horrifying,” as Lynnley Browning tweets, but also timely: At Bloomberg, Drew Armstrong describes My Three Years in Identity Theft Hell, and how he got out of it. “Great and scary read,” says Christine Harper.

And here’s a “New @edcaesar piece on @EsquireUK on just what the hell George Osborne is doing editing the @standardnews #longreads,” tweets Sam Parker, who links to George Osborne’s Revenge, by Ed Caesar for Esquire UK. Tweets Tim Shipman, “Osborne won't rest until May ‘is chopped up in bags in my freezer’. Gripping profile of the Standard editor.”

This headline is triggering

Ben Yakas is referring to Is New York’s Best Pizza in New Jersey? by The New York Times’ Pete Wells. “So far, yes,” says Melissa McCart. “FAKE NEWS,” says Robert Barba. “omg pete!” says Tejal Rao.

And finally today, Rob Copeland of The Wall Street Journal breaks the news to us, LaCroix Fizzy Water Is Everyone’s Favorite. Nobody Knows What’s In It. As he tweets, “The first rule of LaCroix is you don't ask what's inside LaCroix.” (It’s the essence!)

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