Free guide: How to craft a winning PR pitch

Free guide: How to craft a winning PR pitch

As a public relations professional, there’s no better feeling than seeing your company or client featured in a news story. With that piece of media coverage, PR pros have the ability to positively impact a company’s reputation, awareness and - most importantly - their bottom line.

But when most journalists admit to rejecting up to 95 percent of the pitches they receive, how can you be sure yours stands out from the crowd?

In How to Craft a Winning PR Pitch, you’ll learn:

  • 5 pitching basics to put your best foot forward when drafting a pitch.

  • How to research the best reporters to pitch.

  • The do’s and don’ts of distributing pitches to the media.

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Here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect from this guide.

The do’s and dont’s of pitching the media

1. DON’T send out a mass pitch.

The days of sending out blanket emails are over, and this lazy approach will not garner the results you want. Journalists know when your pitch isn’t targeted and you’ll quickly burn your relationship before it starts.

2. DO make a personal connection.

With the help of Muck Rack, you’ve already found the right journalists and read through their recent work. Use that knowledge to make a personal connection with the reporter in your pitch.

3. DO keep your pitch short.

Journalists are busy. They don’t have all day to spend in their inboxes reviewing long press releases or opening attachments.

4. DON’T follow up right away (but DO follow up eventually)

Respect a reporter’s time and right to decide if they are interested in covering the story or not.

Give them a few days to review the pitch, and then follow up via email. If you don’t hear from them after a follow-up, assume they aren’t interested in what you’re offering at this time.

5. DON’T call a reporter.

We know the phone pitch is a highly-debated topic among PR pros.

However, our recent survey found that 72% of journalists wish PR pros would stop calling them to pitch story ideas.

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Jessica Lawlor is the features editor for the Muck Rack blog and handles PR and social media for Muck Rack.

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