Simple, automatic coverage reports — now with graphs

From Fortune 500 companies, to boutique agencies, quantifying the impact of a PR campaign has never been simple.

It takes hours to track articles published and how they’re shared on social media, all before you’re ready to analyze the data and compile a report.

This is exactly where Muck Rack will save your day.

Muck Rack’s Coverage Reports makes automatically collecting press hits and generating data-rich reports with graphs fast and easy. Your team will instantly save the hours they spend finding articles, copying and pasting links into reports, and generating must-have data for quantifying the results of any campaign.

Automatically compile articles

Finding coverage used to require at least one of your team members scouring the web for new articles or awaiting a Google Alert in their email. On Muck Rack, Coverage Reports are automatically generated by connecting your Alerts to any report.

When a media outlet publishes a new article mentioning the terms you’re monitoring, it’s delivered to you in an email and instantly added to your Coverage Report. Gone are the days of reloading a publication’s website to see if a piece was published and manually adding it to your Excel spreadsheet.

Aggregate key data

Finding the data to tell the true story behind the impact of your PR is challenging. From social shares to unique visitors per month (UVM), journalist shares to number of articles published, identifying the metrics that matter most for your campaign can take time and effort to organize.

With every Coverage Report, Muck Rack provides overall campaign metrics and individual article information. Every article in a Coverage Report includes key data like the author, media outlet, unique visitors per month at that outlet, total social shares, number of journalists who shared the articles and their reach. All of this is compiled for you, so your time is spent analyzing data, instead of organizing it.

Showcase your effort with graphs and exports

It’s true, a picture is worth 1,000 words. It may even be more than 1,000 words when that picture helps quantify your team’s efforts and impact. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to illustrate the full picture of your PR campaign with graphs in every Coverage Report on Muck Rack.

Muck Rack’s graphs simply visualize the results of your campaigns. Graphs are automatically generated as new articles are found, and they’re easy to export and share with colleagues so your impact can finally be recognized.

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