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Oct 17, 2017

“She was a journalist, she helped uncover large-scale corruption, and she died today in a car bombing. R.I.P.” tweets Julia Chan.

In what Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called a “barbaric attack on press freedom,” Daphne Caruana Galizia, top investigative reporter who worked on the Panama Papers, was killed by a car bomb in Malta, reports The Independent’s Will Worley. @RVAwonk tweets, “Putin saw the Panama Papers as a personal attack. A top journalist reporting on them was just killed by car bomb.” Writes Worley, “Galizia is believed to have just published the last post on her widely read blog, Running Commentary, just before leaving her house Mosta, a town outside the capital Valletta. ‘There are crooks everywhere you look now,’  she had written, ‘the situation is desperate.’”

Juliette Garside covers the story for The Guardian in Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist (72,000+ shares), and Maggie Haberman says, “Read the headline carefully. Journo who worked on major exposes murdered.” Tweets Margot Patrick, “This is shocking - she was fearless.”

Meanwhile, “Son of slain Malta journalist says mother was blown to pieces, accuses PM of turning Malta into mafia island,” tweets Jerome Taylor, who links to Son of slain Malta whistleblower flays ‘complicit’ PM from AFP. “Grim days in Malta. Our @AFP wrap on the aftermath of car bomb killing of whistleblowing journalist,” tweets Angus MacKinnon. BBC News has the story, Malta journalist death: Caruana Galizia's son denounces “mafia state.”

Pop (and others) on Trump

“Coach Popovich called me to vent about Trump's latest outrage. Here's what he said,” tweets Dave Zirin, who links to ‘A Soulless Coward’: Coach Gregg Popovich Responds to Trump in The Nation. That’s right: “Gregg Popovich calls a reporter, asks to be on the record, says @POTUS is a ‘soulless coward,’” notes Evan Smith. “Pop on Trump: ‘Unfit intellectually, emotionally, & psychologically to hold this office & the whole world knows it,’” Zirin tweets. “meanwhile, @NFL owners still trying to make @POTUS happy, shut down protests,” tweets Neely Tucker

Also, an emotional Sen. John McCain blasts ‘half-baked, spurious nationalism,' reports Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic. “While accepting the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal, he ripped the worldview of Trump's administration,” tweets @azcentral.

Trevor Noah Knows Why Trump and Fox News Hate Chicago So Much. That’s from Matt Wilstein of The Daily Beast, who covers the first night of The Daily Show’s four-night stint in Chicago: “Oh, now I get it,” Noah said. “When there’s shootings, Obama’s from Chicago. All the other times, he’s from Kenya. Now it makes sense.”  

Say what you will, but Trump gives his own performance a Trump-sized endorsement, as POLITICO’s Josh Dawsey reports. That piece leads off with, “Friends say President Donald Trump has grown frustrated that his greatness is not widely understood.” “That first sentence reads like parody and yet we all know it’s not because Trump,” tweets Travis Waldron. Dawsey tweets, “Trump's appearances were meant to pre-empt or dispute criticisms that trouble him & was a bit of a sales-job mirage,” adding, “Trump impugned predecessors by accusing them of not calling dead soldier families in lavish self-fluffing routine.” Tweets David Waldman, “Seriously, though. Read the underlying article. It's scathing. Without even saying he's a liar & a #dotard.” Oh, and the piece wraps up with this quote from the president: “I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest.” 

So this seems like a good segue into “@mikeallen's morning write-up,” as Adrianna Hopkins puts it: In Trump's alternative reality, Mike Allen of Axios details the “keepers” from yesterday’s press conference, writing, “It's almost impossible for the media to cover these press conferences — or for Republicans to discern what he wants and how he plans to get it — because Trump spreads fake news while calling real news fake.” “A @WhiteHouse correspondent like @MikeAllen has seen a lot of lying. This volume of presidential mendacity is novel,” tweets Alex Howard

This is going to raise eyebrows

The man who can help clear up the #LasVegasShooting timeline has gone into hiding,” tweets Ruben Vives, who links to his piece in The Los Angeles Times with Melissa Etehad and Jaweed Kaleem, Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished. “This is going to raise eyebrows,” tweets Marcus Yam. “Alex Jones conspiracy nuts will have a field day with this update,” says Tyler Cralle

And new this morning from John Solomon and Alison Spann at The Hill, FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow. “Crazy story underlying Russia's extensive efforts to get more control of US uranium from @jsolomonReports,” tweets Ian Swanson.

A bracing, volcanic read

“What @scottyrosenberg has written about Weinstein here is powerful, beautifully composed, tragic, poignant -- read,” tweets AJ Feuerman, of ‘Beautiful Girls’ Scribe Scott Rosenberg On A Complicated Legacy With Harvey Weinstein, posted by Mike Fleming Jr on Deadline. Josh Marshall tweets, “This is a bracing, volcanic read,” and Carina MacKenzie says, “If you read one last thing about Harvey Weinstein, make it this.”

And then there’s Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys. Ira Madison III has the story for The Daily Beast. Tweets Nigel M. Smith, “#BringThemDown.”


Now, this is what we need: “Here's @Lin_Manuel talking with Sondheim and, I mean, come on,” tweets Sam Sifton, who links to Stephen Sondheim, Theater’s Greatest Lyricist, the Q&A by Lin-Manuel Miranda in The New York Times Style Magazine. Tweets Miranda, “How I spent my summer: 3000 words of prose, talking to Sondheim. Enjoy.” “This is a treat,” says Gregg Kilday. “THANK YOU, STEPHEN. THANK YOU, LIN,” tweets Emma Fierberg. Of note: “Stephen Sondheim and David Ives are adapting two Luis Bunuel films into a musical and now I'm dead,” tweets Dennis DiClaudio. But to be clear: “A hex on NYT for crafting a headline that makes it seem like he’s died. This Q&A w/@Lin_Manuel shows how ALIVE he is,” as Dan Zak points out.

Lean in closer

And finally today, “A story of sea ice, zoo life and Nora the polar bear. She has overcome incredible odds. #projectnora,” tweets Philippa Thomas, who’s referring to The Loneliest Polar Bear series by Kale Williams of The Oregonian. “I am on tenterhooks about the next chapter in this @sfkale series about Nora the polar bear,” tweets S. Smith. “I AM RIVETED!!!!!!!!!” says Anna Burleson. Maya Kosoff is “sitting here reading about an abandoned baby polar bear and weeping, hbu?” Notes Neel V. Patel, “bear content starting out very strong this week.” “You know the narrative is working when you lean in closer as you're reading,” says Brad Schmidt.

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