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Oct 19, 2017

“Between this and @Fahrenthold, I’m tallying $1,025,000 in commitments Post reporters have gotten Trump to cough up,” tweets Philip Bump, who’s referring to Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but didn’t follow through (53,000+ shares), the scoop from The Washington Post’s Dan Lamothe, Lindsey Bever and Eli Rosenberg. “So ... maybe the WH is starting to think having Trump making these phone calls isn't such a hot idea after all?” says S. V. Date.

While we’re at it, A Trump Golf Course Said It Gave Millions To Charity; Here's What The Numbers Say. That’s from NPR’s Tom Dreisbach and Emily Sullivan. “Nope. It was about $800,000,” tweets Lauren Wolfe. “Some very funny details in this @TomDreisbach story. Like, a donation of brunch for 2 to the U.S. Navy,” tweets Ari Shapiro.

Meanwhile, “Congressional investigating committees want to shut down this topic by year's end,” Jeff Nesbit says, of Trump Campaign Staffers Pushed Russian Propaganda Days Before the Election, the scoop from Betsy Woodruff, Ben Collins, Kevin Poulsen and Spencer Ackerman at The Daily Beast. Tweets Poulsen, “Russia's @TEN_GOP troll was probably its best, with some help from @KellyannePolls, @genflynnand @DonaldJTrumpJr.” “Shocked! Not,” says Nic Harcourt. “Twitter inability to control Russian influence ops makes me want alternate platform. Maybe @monteiro could build,” tweets Michael Wolf.

Oh, Twitter. “Tennessee GOP had to urge Twitter for 11 months to shutter the ‘parody’ @TEN_GOP. It was a Russian troll account,” Kevin Collier tweets, linking to his reporting for BuzzFeed, Twitter Was Warned Repeatedly About This Fake Account Run By A Russian Troll Farm And Refused To Take It Down. Yes, “Even when GOP tries to stop Russian interference, Twitter won't let them,” as David Mastio notes. But “What I love about this story is Trumpster @JackPosobiec saying we have to get to bottom of what Russia was up to,” says Mark Seibel.

“I'm really curious as to how successful John McCain will be as he attempts to regulate Facebook and Google,” says William Turton, who links to Senators Demand Online Ad Disclosures as Tech Lobby Mobilizes, by Kenneth Vogel and Cecilia Kang of The New York Times. “Much bigger than Facebook and Google. And not just Twitter. Reddit, 4chan, a wide swath of digital social influence,” says Joe Mandese.

In other social media news, Death Threats Are Being Sent To A Facebook Page That Ranks The Shit Towns Of New Zealand. That’s from Brad Esposito at BuzzFeed. Tweets Alice Workman, “I hope whoever Winston Peters names as NZ PM discusses this at their press conference.”

The scoop continues

James Rainey is referring to the latest from Matt Hamilton, Harriet Ryan and Paul Pringle of The Los Angeles Times, USC medical school dean saw patients after taking meth, investigators allege. Tweets Pringle, “State investigation triggered by @latimes probe alleges then-USC med school dean saw patients after taking meth.” “Not a great idea!” as David Corrigan points out. “The ugly gets uglier,” says Joel RubinMolly Hennessy-Fiske advises, “Read the original stories too.”

And more “SCOOP: Brian Wansink said he'd found a way to get kids ages 8-11 to choose fruit over cookies. But that wasn't true,” tweets Stephanie M. Lee, who links to her piece for BuzzFeed, A Controversial Study About School Cafeterias Actually Took Place In Daycares And Preschools. Virginia Hughes tweets, ”New development on bogus school lunch science: turns out kids were aged 3-5, not 8-11(!), as @stephaniemlee reports.”

Don’t forget the spare

“Jeff Immelt's use of private planes (he traveled with a secret spare) makes Tom Price look tame,” says Annie Karni. She links to GE’s New Chief Starts Making Cuts, Starting With Old Favorites, by The Wall Street Journal’s Thomas Gryta and Joann Lublin. “This is nuts from @tgryta: Ex-GE CEO Immelt had an empty jet follow his plane on business trips, just in case,” tweets Scott Austin. “When you’re flying in the corporate jet, don’t forget to bring a spare, just in case,” says Felix Salmon. “imagine if immelt had been voted in as uber CEO,” tweets Mike Isaac.

Also, “This Tezos story is nuts,” says Chris McCoy, of the Reuters Special Report from Anna Irrera, Steve Stecklow and Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi, Backroom battle imperils $230 million cryptocurrency venture. “Another case of ICO shenanigans opaque dealings,” tweets Tim Culpan. Alexandra Harney calls it a “Must read: Fascinating look at the battle for control inside an ICO-funded venture by @annairrera and @stecklow.”

Bravery, brilliance

“Read @moryan,” tweets Alissa Wilkinson. “TV critic @moryan from @variety is very brave,” tweets Mark Lieberman. They’re referring to Maureen Ryan’s piece for Variety, A TV Executive Sexually Assaulted Me: A Critic’s Personal Story. Ryan tweets, “3 years ago, a TV executive sexually assaulted me. Finding it hard to write a pithy tweet, so here. Please share.” Tweets Elizabeth Wagmeister, “Proud to call @moryan my friend. Mo, I commend you for bravely sharing your story. I stand with you. I believe you.” And Eric Deggans says, “My friend, best TV critic in the biz, tells personal story of sexual assault. Men, it’s time we help stop this shit.”

And here’s “More brilliance by @petridishes,” as Hilary Niles tweets: Men of the world: You are not the weather, from The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri. “This is so good,” says Jennie Josephson. Tweets Bruce Newman, “I’m a huge Alexandra Petri fan because she’s funny. So the brilliance of this one kind of sneaked up on me.” “This is so freaking good,” says Sarah Grey.

This is why we love José

Matthew Brooks refers you to After Maria, José Andrés and his team have served more meals in Puerto Rico than the Red Cross, from Tim Carman of The Washington Post. “I can't emphasize how huge this is,” Carman tweets. “@chefjoseandres persistent heroism,” tweets Sarah Wildman. And Neil Swidey tweets, “Getting the right things done right. @TIME, put @chefjoseandres (& José Enrique) on Person of the Year shortlist.”

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