‘Secretly dealing with harassment’

Lupita Nyong’o wrote and Op-Ed in the New York Times about What Harvey Weinstein Did to Me. She reveals: “I was part of a community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Weinstein.”

Also in the Times,  Jodi Kantor interviewed director Quentin Tarantino about Weinstein and he told her: “I Knew Enough to Do More Than I Did.”

In the Daily Beast, an exclusive report that a Former Model Accuses David Blaine of Rape. Gideon Resnick quoted the story: "Scotland Yard tells The Daily Beast that it is ‘investigating an allegation of rape’ against the superstar."

Something happy

Karin Brulliard brings us the incredible and amazing story in the Washington Post about Lulu the dog, who flunked out of CIA bomb-sniffer school because she just didn't care. “You do you, Lulu,” Baillard added on Twitter.

‘A political charlatan’

Trump offers support to GOP senators in Bannon’s cross-hairs, according to Politico’s Burgess Everett. Josh Dawsey elaborated: “Trump has called at least three senators in Bannon's 2018 crosshairs and offered his support.” Paul Demko shared this quote from the story: "Many of McConnell's top advisers and allies consider Bannon a political charlatan interested in mischief-making."

Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but didn’t follow through, Dan Lamothe, Lindsey Bever, Eli Rosenberg write in the Washington Post.

In another strange military thing where President Trump is involved, Daily Beast points out that the Pro-Trump ‘War Hero’ Featured on Fox News Never Actually Served.

Over in Miami, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says White House Chief of Staff John Kelly lied from the White House podium according to Alex Daugherty, Anita Kumar, Douglas Hanks in the Miami Herald. Kumar explained: “John Kelly's recollection of the 2015 event in Miami appears to be wrong.”

There’s a new name in mix for U.S. Attorney: Orleans Parish DA Leon Cannizzaro, according to Gordon Russell and Matthew Hinton at The Advocate.

On Russia

Russian TV network RT bucks the DOJ request to register as a foreign agent, CNN’s Hadas Gold reports.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo distorted the intelligence community’s findings on Russian interference, Greg Miller writes in the Washington Post. He added: “CIA chief Pompeo says intel agencies concluded Russia did not affect election outcome. That's not true.”

‘Important read, great digging’

From KENS5, the story Selling Girls about how sex traffickers are targeting American children. Jeremy Baker pointed out, “Sex traffickers are making billions by banking on you to think this is someone else’s problem & look away. Don’t.” Mariana Sanchez made it personal: “Are you paying attention to your daughter’s social life? Sex traffickers are.”

ProPublica spent weeks examining one distinctive group at the center of the violence in Charlottesville. Their story on the findings is titled: Racist, violent, unpunished. It is the work of Howard Berkes, Michael Grabell, A. C. Thompson, and Ali Winston. Winston tweeted: “Nevermind the Nazi circus in FL.”

A Reuters Exclusive from Anna Mehler Paperny reveals new data showing the race disparities in Canada's bail system. Paperny said on Twitter: “Black people in Ontario spend longer behind bars awaiting trial than white people charged with the same crimes.” Solarina Ho called it an: “Important read, great digging.”

You definitely want to read: My Interview with a Rohingya Refugee by Jeffrey Gettleman in the New York Times, in which he wonders, “What Do You Say to a Woman Whose Baby Was Thrown Into a Fire?” Gettleman also tweeted: “As I interviewed a Rohingya woman whose baby was killed, I got angry at myself. Why am I putting her through this?”

Sports talk

Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch ejected in 2nd quarter for shoving referee, Michael Gehlken writes in the Review Journal. Gehlken added on Twitter: “Marshawn Lynch could be subject to multiple fines from NFL this week, along with possible suspension.”

Why Gustavo Arellano's OC Weekly departure highlights the endangered status of Latinos in media, Carolina A. Miranda explained in the LA Times.

The Detroit Tigers have a new manager and, once his contract is done, it’ll be Ron Gardenhire, Ken Rosenthal reports in The Athletic.


At New York Magazine’s Select All blog, Brian Feldman interviewed None Pizza With Left Beef’s Creator Steve Molaro. Feldman tweeted: “So my new beat is pizza goofs.” Max Read pointed out: “It's extremely important that you know that the man who made none pizza with left beef also COCREATED YOUNG SHELDON.” Steve Rousseau tweeted the same realization and added, “F*ck this dumb earth.”

The Wall Street Journal has a write-up on WeWork from Eliot Brown, a company it calls A $20 Billion Startup Fueled by Silicon Valley Pixie Dust. “WeWork has a $20 billion valuation and its founder swans around in copters. What could possibly go wrong?” Michael Allen tweeted. “Is WeWork, America's 4th largest unicorn, a $20 billion house of cards?

Jupiter's moon Amalthea cast a shadow on the gas giant planet and NASA's Juno spacecraft has a whole picture for you to look at.

The World's Best Smash 4 Player Is Worn Down By Haters And Harassment, Cecilia D'Anastasio writes in Kotaku. Eric Van Allen shared it, saying: “Also @cecianasta wrote this excellent profile of zero that is required reading today.”

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