Galvanizing Quarterback

Nov 13, 2017

Addy Baird tweets, “hello good morning everyone i definitely choked up reading this.” She’s referring to Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced, Kaepernick’s GQ Men of the Year cover, featuring photos by Martin Schoeller. Tweets Cari Wade Gervin, “Another thing I love this morning - these @gq pix of Kapernick, especially the ones with the kids.” “Today, GQ stands for ‘Galvanizing Quarterback,’” says Alana Massey.

Blame the messenger

The latest from Alabama: Roy Moore threatens to sue Washington Post over report. That’s from CNN’s Susannah Cullinane. At Vox, Ezra Klein reports Roy Moore allegations: poll shows 29% of Alabamians support him more than the media, calling it “the media’s crisis of trust.” Tweets Phillip Tutor, “IOW, blame the messenger.”

In Teen Vogue, De Elizabeth reports on ‘#MeAt14’ Trends on Social Media in Response to Roy Moore Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Meanwhile, as Newsweek’s Carlos Ballesteros reports, Alabama Evangelicals More Likely to Vote For Roy Moore After Sexual Assault Allegations, Poll Shows. “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” tweets Matt Staggs.

Thrilling, lacerating piece

“Pretty lucky to be living at a time when @rtraister can break it all down,” tweets Irin Carmon, who links to We Are All Implicated in the Post-Weinstein Reckoning, by Rebecca Traister of New York Magazine’s The Cut. Barry Hertz calls it a “Must-read from @rtraister, who goes all-in on @NYMag, in a piece for ... @NYMag.” “Blistering, expository context on all sides of the #MeToo conversation,” says Rebecca Bingham (McCormick). Emily Nussbaum agrees: “Thrilling, lacerating piece by @rtraister, capturing multiple angles of this moment of female rage.” “This piece by @rtraister is as excellent as people are saying, read it,” says Lainna Fader

Manohla Dargis of The New York Times writes of Louis C.K. and Hollywood’s Canon of Creeps. Says Willy Blackmore, “we're very lucky to have critics like @ManohlaDargis at this particular moment in time.” “This, by @ManohlaDargis, is a master class in criticism both political and personal,” tweets Andy Greenwald.

This story is not going to go away quietly

“Holy shit this @attackerman exclusive,” tweets Marlow Stern. At The Daily Beast, Kevin Maurer and Spencer Ackerman report on the story, Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed. Tweets Charles Johnson, “Beast sources: Dead Green Beret discovered SEAL Team Six commandos pilfering their informant fund.” “This story is not going to go away quietly,” says Kenneth Silber. Gabe Joselow notes, “Good reporting. Official silence from US military on this.” “Sick to my stomach reading this,” says Ken Williams.

Swimming to Bangladesh

“Gut-wrenching” news out of Myanmar, as Helier Cheung tweets. She’s referring to Myanmar boy can't swim but floats on oil drum to Bangladesh, by AP’s Bernat Armangue. The piece quotes Kamal Hussain, 18, who also swam to Bangladesh with an oil container: “We had a lot of suffering, so we thought drowning in the water was a better option.”

In Rohingya babies dumped and left to die in Myanmar crisis, Sky News’s Alex Crawford reports back from Myanmar's Rakhine State, where he witnessed first-hand the military's brutal crackdown on Rohingya Muslims. Tweets Jonah Fisher, “Incredible and incredibly brave reporting from @AlexCrawfordSky Crossing from Bangladesh to Myanmar is dangerous.” Mark Austin says, “If you do nothing else today watch this ... 11 mins of your time.”

Golden years

“Golden decade for the #eurozone? It's all relative. Here's a look ahead. via @jrandow,” tweets Paul Gordon, who links to Euro Economy is Heading Toward a Golden Period, by Bloomberg’s Jana Randow. Tweets Karl Lester Yap, “Europe is no longer the sick man of the world economy.” “From lost decade to golden years,” tweets Zoe Schneeweiss.

Meanwhile in Singapore, “Singapore traders are ‘passionate about their lunch’ and lobbied hard for the daily break to return,” tweets The Wall Street Journal. The story: Lunch Takes a Bite Out of Singapore Trading Day, by Steven Russolillo.

And in China, “Venture capital stoked about facial-recognition technology as China plans a ‘ubiquitous CCTV surveillance network,’” as Quentin Webb tweets, linking to Backing Big Brother: Chinese facial recognition firms appeal to funds, by Sijia Jiang of Reuters.

RIP Liz Smith

Finally today, “Before TMZ & Perez Hilton there was Liz Smith, whose gossip was cozy & admiring. NYT obit puts her on the couch,” tweets Ellen Barry. Liz Smith, Longtime Queen of Tabloid Gossip Columns, Dies at 94 is the obit from Robert McFadden of The New York Times. Tweets Dan Beucke, “RIP Liz Smith, the ultimate access reporter and a NY Newsday colleague.” “Liz Smith once told me she always found it hard to believe Trump was a ‘grown-up person who went to college.’ RIP,” tweets Tim O’Brien.

Monday round-up:

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