How The Marshall Project uses Muck Rack to achieve their PR goals

How The Marshall Project uses Muck Rack to achieve their PR goals

“We researched a number of different media platforms, but it very quickly became clear that Muck Rack was going to be the best at doing everything we needed it to do.”

-Andrew Epstein, Communications and Development Associate, The Marshall Project

Learn how The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the criminal justice system, uses Muck Rack to:

  • Pitch and engage with top-tier media through Muck Rack’s database and pitching platform.
  • Discover which journalists follow and interact with The Marshall Project on Twitter.
  • Craft powerful media roundups through Muck Rack Alerts.

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Communications and Development Associate Andrew Epstein shares his experience and results using the platform.

Five Fast Questions with Andrew Epstein

1. If you had to explain how you use Muck Rack to someone in a 140-character tweet or a 10-second Snapchat story, what would you say?

"@MuckRack is how I connect with journalists, pitch media, and see who's talking about our work, all in one simple platform."

2. What would you tell other companies considering using Muck Rack?

As far as I can tell, Muck Rack has the best database, the best interface, and it’s a small enough company that it’s really responsive to particular needs and concerns.

3. How would you describe your experience with Muck Rack in three words?

Effective, Fun, Revealing

4. How has PR changed in the past several years? How has Muck Rack helped you keep up?

PR has a necessarily broad definition of media that isn’t limited to the most traditional news organizations anymore. I was recently on a call with a media organization that exists exclusively on social media -- I was able to find their information on Muck Rack.

This is really helpful -- when you’re part of an organization like The Marshall Project that is mission-driven and attempting to make an intervention on the media discourse around an issue, we can’t be close minded about the media landscape that we’re willing to engage with.

5. What would your job be like if you didn’t have Muck Rack?

It would be more tedious because I would spend a lot more of my time looking for information rather than acting on it. I don’t think I would be as good at my job either.

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