The beginning of the end?

“A long chapter in media history came to an unlikely close on Sunday night,” writes Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times in Time Inc. Sells Itself to Meredith Corp., Backed by Koch Brothers. He adds, “The deal could represent the beginning of the end for one of the country’s most celebrated magazine publishers.” Kara Swisher calls it a “Whimper end to a legendary media brand.” Says David Whitford, “I'm just sad....” Tweets Bourree Lam, “Would read an entire article about this graph on the state of magazine finances.” 

Gives a whole new meaning to hate-read

“The line between the normalization of Nazis and writing about the normalization of Nazis can be very thin,” tweets Joshua Benton. “This article is basically ‘Nazis want to be normalized - let’s do it for them!’ Excuse me while I vomit,” tweets Lahav Harkov. “Some people ask why this piece is bad. Some ideas. 1) It’s lazy. It accepts its Nazis at face value, no questions,” tweets Heidi Moore. They (and many others) are referring to Richard Fausset’s piece for The New York Times, In America’s Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door. Armand Emamdjomeh points out, “This story literally draws a comparison between fascism and hipsters.” “There's something very off with how this profile was handled,” tweets Donovan Harrell. As Alex Wayne says, “Neo-Nazis — they register at Target just like you and me! (This story doesn’t work as the author intended.)” Also, “gives a whole new meaning to hate-read,” tweets Adam Sternbergh.

But two can play that game: “So @jameshamblin also wrote a hard-hitting expose on Nazis,” notes Ross Andersen, who links to Nazis Are Just Like You and Me, Except They're Nazis, by James Hamblin of The Atlantic

Erik Wemple of The Washington Post explains the criticism in his piece, New York Times faces backlash over half-baked profile of white nationalist. Meanwhile, Luke Epplin calls Yoni Appelbaum’s piece in The Atlantic, The Banality of White Nationalism, a “Good corrective to the piece in the Times.”

Sexual harassment earthquake

As Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann of NBC News report, Sexual harassment earthquake shakes American politics. Conyers steps aside as ranking member of Judiciary Committee amid sexual harassment allegations, reports Emily Shapiro of ABC News, and Jessica Estepa has the story for USA Today. Pelosi stumbles on alleged harassment in her own ranks, writes Jonathan Allen of NBC News. “The right is imploding and the left keeps shooting themselves in the foot,” tweets Joshua Albert, who links to Nancy Pelosi Won't Say If John Conyers Should Resign, from HuffPost’s Marina Fang.

Jennifer Brooks of The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, ‘Ashamed’ Franken says he’ll return to work on Monday. And in an interview with Cathy Wurzer of MPR News, Franken said ‘This has been a shock to me.’ From Travis Andrews of The Washington Post: Al Franken on whether he will face more groping allegations: ‘I don’t know. I can’t say.’

Meanwhile, “BuzzFeed takes a look at the black hole that is the Office of Compliance,” tweets Katie Rogers, who links to Chris Geidner’s BuzzFeed piece, The Secretive Office In Charge Of Congressional Workplace Complaints Is Dodging Key Questions About How It Operates.


“Nobody could've predicted,” says Bill Harnsberger. “Is anybody surprised?” says Robin Garr. They’re referring to Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds, as reported by Heather Long of The Washington Post. “That's quite a headline,” says Farhad Manjoo.

From Liz Roscher of Yahoo Sports, The Yankees president supports Trump, but not his tax plan, and now the latest from Jordan Fabian of The HillTrump wants 'a few changes' to tax plan.

Evacuations in Bali

The Guardian’s Kate Lamb reports on the volcanic eruption in Bali, Mount Agung: 100,000 told to evacuate as Bali volcano spews huge ash cloud. From The New York Times, Bali’s Mount Agung Erupts Again, Canceling Flights, and from NBC News/AP, Volcano eruption shuts Bali airport, stranding tens of thousands of tourists. Dennis Normile of Science magazine reports that Scientists are watching volcanic eruption on Bali minute by minute.

A good cry to start the week

“Read @jngann. Read every word,” tweets Jesse David Fox. “Read this, then read it again, then read it again,” tweets Paris Martineau. “Read this, read this, read this,” says Madison Malone Kircher. “Please read this, it will stop you in your tracks. Thank you @jngann,” tweets Kathryn Jezer-Morton. They’re referring to I Never Got the Chance to Protect My Child, Jen Gann’s piece for The Cut. Fritzie Andrade calls it “A beautiful and complicated piece,” and Allison Davis tweets, “.@jngann has written the hell out of this, a piece we’ll all be thinking about for a long time.” Brandon Taylor agrees: “Still thinking about this incredible piece of writing.” “Nothing like a good cry to start the week,” says Stella Bugbee.

Good call, Prince Harry

“Merry Christmas, digital editors,” tweets Danica Lo, of the news, reported by BBC NewsPrince Harry to marry girlfriend Meghan Markle. “Who exactly is Meghan Markle? @CaitJGibson has all the details on Prince Harry's future bride,” tweets Stephanie Merry, who links to The rise of Meghan Markle: from relative unknown to most-Googled actress to royalty, by Caitlin Gibson of The Washington Post. Tweets Gibson, “Good call, Prince Harry.”

Monday round-up

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