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Dec 8, 2017

It’s here, and “It's not Trump. Those speaking out about sexual harassment/assault named Time's person of the year,” tweets Graham Lanktree. Read about them in TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers, by Stephanie Zacharek, Eliana Dockterman and Haley Sweetland Edwards of TIME

Southern California wildfire updates

At The Los Angeles Times, Ruben Vives, Laura J. Nelson, Sarah Parvini, Matt Hamilton and Sonali Kohli have the latest on the wildfires sweeping through Southern California. And Brittny Mejia, Joseph Serna and Alene Tchekmedyian report on A day of fire and danger in wind-whipped L.A.

Punishment without precedent

Turns out “Someone has actually punished Russia for systematically corrupting a competition,” tweets Binyamin Appelbaum. He’s referring to I.O.C. Gives Russia Major Punishment for Winter Olympics, as Rebecca R. Ruiz and Tariq Panja of The New York Times report. “This is a punishment without precedent in Olympic history,” Samantha Storey notes. Jean Marbella’s request: “Now keep them out of the 2018 elections.” 

Five Alarm Diplomacy Fire

“Cos there isn't enough unrest in the Middle East as it is,” tweets Teo Cheng Wee, U.S. to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Trump Says, Alarming Middle East Leaders. That’s the report from Mark Landler and David Halbfinger of The New York Times. “Well I don’t see this going utterly t*ts up whatsoever,” tweets Will Hide. Laurie Goodstein labels it a “Five Alarm Diplomacy Fire.” Josh Delk at The Hill reports that Schumer advised Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel's ‘undivided’ capital.

Oren Dorell of USA Today explains Why declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital could cause a furor on the Middle East, and AP’s Josef Federman writes, Trump decision on Jerusalem could have deep repercussions.

Assassination plot foiled in UK

Sky News reports that an Islamist Suicide Plot to Terror Plot to Assassinate PM May Has Been Foiled. Vikram Dodd covers the story for The Guardian, Security officials ‘thwart terrorist plot to assassinate Theresa May,’ explaining, “Two men were arrested last week following a joint operation by MI5, the UK’s counter-terrorism security service, and police.”

Sick and sad

“I don't know what to say after reading this other than that it is extraordinary journalism,” tweets Matt Ford, of Weinstein’s Complicity Machine, by Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, Susan Dominus and Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times. “The link between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump? Gossip magnate David Pecker, who protected them both. Read,” tweets Nick Confessore. “Incredible work by NYT. I feel sick and sad and full of rage after reading this new report,” says Lainna Fader.

“Well, finally someone in politics has walked the plank,” tweets Paul Farhi. He’s referring to Rep. John Conyers, who says he won’t seek reelection following harassment allegations, as Elise Viebeck reports for The Washington Post. Tweets Jennifer Rubin, “The difference in how the parties treat these issues is stark and ultimately deadly for GOP.”

And “Dun dun dun, another bites the dust,” tweets Amanda Scriver, referring to Lesley Goldberg’s report in The Hollywood Reporter, Danny Masterson Fired From Netflix’s ‘The Ranch’ Amid Rape Allegations. “FINALLY!” says Shannon Fisher.

At AP, Michael Sisak and Yvonne Lee report that Network news accusers have formed a victim support group.

Well done, John Oliver

Meanwhile, John Oliver grills Dustin Hoffman over sexual harassment allegation, reports The Washington Post’s Steven Zeitchik, and there is video. Tweets Sopan Deb, “This is remarkable - REMARKABLE - video. I cannot under emphasize it enough.” Also, “This is a helluva read,” tweets Randee Dawn. “Well done, John Oliver,” says Mariam Ibrahim.

Blurring boundaries between journalism and ‘content’

“This is so shady,” says Olivia Solon. In a new piece for The Outline, Jon Christian explains How brands secretly buy their way into Forbes, Fast Company, and HuffPost stories. Bottom line: “Writers at major news sites are plugging products for cash,” tweets The Outline. “This is a great (& upsetting) piece highlighting the blurring boundaries between journalism and ‘content,” says Stephanie Russell-Kraft. Moral of the story: “if you don't pay your writers, someone else will,” tweets Alex Laughlin. Adrianne Jeffries tweets, “Pay to play in the blogosphere @Jon_Christian has been tracking this trend for over a year. Talk to him if you know about this practice.”

These are quite some fans

“Meryl Streep’s media diet: NYT, WaPo, the Guardian, Politico, Axios, Drudge, and Fox News.” Maxwell Tani picked up this intel from Steven Spielberg and Meryl Streep on Trump, News and Why ‘The Post’ Had to Be Made Now: “Everyone I Know Is Scared,” Stephen Galloway’s piece in The Hollywood Reporter. “These are quite some fans,” says Hadas Gold.

Good news!

OK, we really needed this one: “Amid today’s chaos and partisan divisions, a bright spot of good news,” tweets Jo Mannies: Eating Cheese Is Linked to a Lower Risk of Heart Disease. That’s the report from Amanda MacMillan at TIME. Tweets Ted Landau, “My confirmation bias wants so much to believe this.”

Wednesday round-up:

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