Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: A New York magazine article by rock journalist Nik Cohn became the basis for what movie?

Answer: That was “Saturday Night Fever,” which was based on his (turned-out-to-be-mostly-fictional) piece, Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night.

Congrats to Deirdre Blake and Dan Rosenbaum, who pretty much tied on this one. And, as Dan, aka BrooklynDan, says, “Look at my handle and tell me if I could get this wrong.” Pashva gets the honorable mention for his response, “Saturday Night Fever, which made me never want to wear platform shoes in El Paso - although Urban Cowboy changed my life.”

Your question of the day for today is…According to James Cameron, during the Academy Awards ceremony the night “Titanic” won, he almost got into a fight and hit someone with his Oscar. Who was he arguing with?

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