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Dec 27, 2017

Tim Ryan calls it “The Prince and the President,” but The New York Times headlines it When Harry Met Barry: The BBC Obama Interview. Ceylan Yeginsu has the highlights from Prince Harry’s interview with President Obama for the BBC. Tweets The Times, “Obama warned against the irresponsible use of social media by people in positions of power.” Louis Nelson of POLITICO notes, Obama tells Prince Harry in interview he felt ‘serenity’ on Trump Inauguration Day. As for the big question: ‘Who knows?’: Prince Harry on whether Obama will be invited to his wedding.

Update on Reuters journalists in Myanmar

Reuters reports that the two Reuters journalists who have been detained in Myanmar, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, have been remanded for another 14 days. They were previously being held in a police compound but have now been taken to Yangon’s Insein prison. Linking to a Yahoo! News report from Richard Sargent and Hla-Hla Htay, Myanmar court remands Reuters journalists for 2 more weeks, Sally Mairs highlights, “‘Please tell journalist friends to be careful. It's really scary. We didn't do anything wrong’ - Kyaw Soe Oo.”


“BLIMEY,” tweets Tunku Varadarajan, referring to the story from The Guardian’s Justin McCurry, Flight from LA to Tokyo turns around after four hours due to ‘unauthorised person.’ Although there was no security threat, the “rogue passenger managed to proceed from check-in all the way to the final boarding pass check at LAX and board the wrong plane.” Oh, and Chrissy Teigen, who was on board with her husband John Legend, live-tweeted the entire thing to her 9.2 million followers. As Keith Allen tweets, “Four hours out, four hours back, another interesting overnight shift & an unlikely social media correspondent,” linking to his report for CNN with Faith Karimi, Chrissy Teigen and other Tokyo-bound passengers back in LA after ‘mix-up.’

Back at work — on Twitter

Also tweeting: Trump slams FBI, Obamacare in post-Christmas tweets, reports The Washington Post’s Michelle Ye Hee Lee, who herself tweets, “After a quiet Christmas Day, President Trump is back at work — on Twitter.”

Erin Kelly and Kevin Johnson of USA Today look at What's next for the Russia investigations? No end in sight for Congress, Mueller probes. The USA Today Editorial Board wonders, of the attempts at Smearing Robert Mueller, “If Trump is innocent, why the effort to discredit the special counsel's findings?”

Meanwhile, Newsweek’s Max Kutner reports As Republicans attack FBI, its agents association receives flood of donations. Kutner also reports that “in a since-deleted tweet,” Michael Flynn’s family says Trump should pardon Michael Flynn, who took “the biggest fall.” Tweets Paola Thomas, “RT @AdamParkhomenko: I’m sure the Kremlin is warming up the bots.”

NPR’s Miles Parks rounds up 2017’s most popular Russia stories in From The Loyalty Pledge To Mueller As A ‘Savior.’  

Speaking of Russia, at The New York Times, Andrew Higgins writes, Putin Will Win in Russia. So Why Exclude Navalny? Tweets Emily Parker, “Russian election will be very interesting, even if winner is decided.”

And speaking of Twitter, CNN’s Doug Criss notes, Library of Congress will stop saving every single public tweet. Tweets Saeed Ahmed, “Alas, future generations will no longer get to enjoy your witty rants about ‘The Last Jedi.’” Matt Novak of Gizmodo puts it this way: Library of Congress Gives Up Collecting All Tweets Because Twitter Is Garbage. Tweets Michael Shepherd, “I’m outraged that they thought my stupid tweets were worth keeping in the first place.”


Homeowners in High-Tax States Race to Beat Property Tax Cap, Terrence Dopp reports for Bloomberg Politics. Indeed, James McAuliffe, the town treasurer in Milton, Mass., told Brennan Weiss of Business Insider, ‘It's been insane here’: People are lining up in droves to prepay property taxes before the GOP tax bill kicks in. CNN’s Anna Bahney also reports, High-tax counties scramble to let homeowners pre-pay property taxes. “Yep. Scrambling is the correct verb,” tweets Christine Romans.

Crypto roller coaster

Bloomberg’s Mohamed El-Erian explains why This Could Be Bitcoin's Moment of Truth, while at New York Magazine, Jeff Koyen describes What It’s Like to (Almost) Make Millions in Cryptocurrency. “a @jeffkoyen story about his own crypto roller coaster,” tweets Max Read. Tweets Ryan Cooper, “this strongly smacks of the pre-Federal Reserve free banking era.”

Regardless, it’s a “Great, great time to be a billionaire,” as Roben Farzad tweets. Bloomberg’s Tom Metcalf and Jack Witzig reveal that the World's Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017. Metcalf points out, “Yup, that's with a T…”

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