A start of the year checklist for PR pros

A start of the year checklist for PR pros

Even for those of us who don’t make resolutions, the feeling of starting fresh at the beginning of a new year is inescapable.

It seems most people, including clients, coworkers (and especially people at the gym), are off to a running start come January. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

For us PR pros, “resolutions” might feel outdated. So why not a career checklist to kick off the year?

Here are six things to consider as you think about work in the next year. What will you aim to accomplish?

1. Fortify your personal brand

The Public Relations industry continues to grow, with many more professionals practicing than ever before -- how will you differentiate yourself among them?

Make 2018 the year you’ll figure it out and practice using it in introductions, elevator pitches, at networking events, etc.

2. Boost your media intel and know-how

The changing media landscape is hardly a secret. It’s gotten to the point where strategy shifts and newsroom reorgs are announced almost weekly. How are you going to stay ahead of these changes and rethink your company’s or clients’ media relations?

Consider increasing your media news resources (i.e. newsletters like the Muck Rack Daily and digests on what’s going on in media) and conversations with reporters, editors and paid content contacts.

3. Include a digital or social media element into almost all of your PR activities

If this isn’t already part of your strategy, you may be falling behind. Thinking “digital-first” has become a core skill for PR pros.

Consider how you’re going to build this into your program or grow it, to enable your company to increase its reach.

4. Determine what the game-changer will be for you

The best learning opportunities are the situations that take you out of your comfort zone and stop you dead in your tracks.

They test your strategic thinking, ability to stay flexible and cool under pressure, and the skills you’ve learned. The ability to execute in these situations is one that’s the toughest to develop but it’s a game-changer. Have confidence and step into these situations this year -- you never know what you will learn.

5. Pinpoint what makes you tick

Last year, I heard Simon Sinek speak about your “why” and haven’t looked back since.

Identifying what makes you love the work that you do enables you to get a different perspective on your day-to-day, think more “big picture,” and could potentially open up new opportunities.

6. Seek out an opportunity where you can totally kill it

Securing a huge win for your company or client is a total confidence boost. It can be a reinforcement of all of the hard work put in to make a result happen. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity that can turn into one of those wins--we all need one of those moments from time to time!  

What's on your 2018 career checklist? Let us know on Twitter!

Julia Sahin works in financial communications at one of the largest PR firms in New York and is a monthly contributor to Muck Rack. She plans on doing big things. Connect with her on Twitter. All opinions should be seen as her own and do not reflect her employer’s.

Photo via Pixabay

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