He is not leaving prison

Jan 11, 2018

“This is so horrifying--and so very, very powerful. Even if you've read the stories before this, read this, too.” Frank Bruni is referring to the New York Times interactive by Carla Correa and Meghan LouttitMore than 160 women say Larry Nassar sexually abused them. Here are his accusers in their own words. Tweets Correa, “I wish that I could have transcribed them all.” She also links to “the @nytimes story on Nassar's sentencing. He is not leaving prison.” That piece, Dr. Larry Nassar Sentenced to 40 to 175 Years for Sexual Abuse, by Scott Cacciola and Victor Mather, quotes Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who told Nassar, “I just signed your death warrant.”

More from BuzzFeed’s Mary Ann Georgantopoulos, Here are Powerful Quotes From More Than 100 Young Women who confronted Nassar at the sentencing hearing. Tweets David Mack, “my god ... seeing all these women's names and quotes in one story is truly horrifying.”

At The Washington Post, Sally Jenkins writes, USA Gymnastics allowed Larry Nassar to prey upon innocent victims. Congress must investigate. She reveals, “I spoke with the great @Aly_Raisman this morning just before #LarryNassar sentencing. What she describes makes you want to light the entire #USAGymnastics on fire. And no pass for #USOC.”

Or any of them, as Charles Pierce of Sports Illustrated writes in Burn It All Down: Officials at Michigan State, USAG, USOC, must lose their jobs. And at least one official is officially out: President Lou Anna K. Simon resigns from MSU.

Pass the trash

“Want to know why the @RedCross is apologizing to @SavetheChildren? Here’s a ‘pass the trash’ story,’” says Jesse Eisinger, of the new ProPublica piece by Ariana Tobin and Justin Elliott, with a headline that says it all: The Red Cross Forced Out an Executive Over Sexual Harassment — Then Helped Him Land a Job at Save the Children. Tobin elaborates: “Two staffers came forward to tell the American Red Cross about harassment and assault. What happened next is a glimpse into how employers have *really* dealt with the men accused of sexual misconduct. New from @JustinElliott and me.” Sophia Jones calls it the “Yikes of the day.”

More breaking news, from Glen McGregor and Rachel Aiello of CTV News, Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown denies sexual misconduct allegations from two women. And Mike Crawley of CBC News is now reporting, Patrick Brown resigns as Ontario PC leader after sexual misconduct allegations.


Meanwhile, “This @NewYorker essay by @jiatolentino is vital reading,” urges Alissa Wilkinson. She’s talking about The Rising Pressure of the #MeToo Backlash, by Jia Tolentino of the New Yorker, who says, “It has been so frustrating to hear a constant cry of ‘let’s not lump all male sexual misconduct together’ when 1) all the women I know are so carefully not doing that and 2) we are held accountable for babe dot net.” As Rebecca Traister puts it, “Oh my god every god damn word of this incl the high blood pressure which I have too plus yesterday my dentist explained while I was in chair that he knows women are mad re Trump but what they need to understand is that HRC was very flawed.”


“I'm a sucker for stories about noble teen journalists digging up dirt and fucking shit up,” says Zach Schonfeld, and you’re in luck, because we have a good one for you. From Eli Rosenberg of The Washington Post, Their school deleted their article on a teacher's firing. So these Utah teens published it themselves. Michael Balter gives us the rallying cry: “Long live the student press! (and shame on school administrators who teach the wrong lessons about the First Amendment).” Note to the teen journalists: “I hope to run across Max & Conor's resume one day. #JournalismMatters & kudos to these teens for fighting censorship!” tweets Daniel Brown.

In the professional media sphere, do you “feel like you suddenly started noticing @outsidemagazine? this is probably why,” says Laura Hazard Owen, who explains in her new piece for Neiman Lab, “Punchier and stronger” and with way more women: How Outside Magazine got to be badass online

CNBC’s John Harwood sat down with conservative pundit Bill Kristol, who takes on Fox News, Tucker Carlson: ‘I don't know if it's racism exactly – but ethno-nationalism of some kind.’

Oh my god how dumb is this timeline

And then there’s this: From Mike Levine of ABC News, Exclusive: The full ‘secret society’ text between FBI agents: Was it meant in jest? Dave Pell breaks it down: “Trump compared the FBI to Nazis. When he was elected, one said they were depressed. There’s your smoking gun.” Keegan Hamilton finds that it’s “Nice to know FBI agents also send ‘Omg I am so depressed’ texts.” Sarah Weinman says simply, “oh my god how dumb is this timeline,” while Dan Murphy adds, “1. I can't stop laughing. 2. This is among the most gutlessly written and edited pieces I've read in the past year, which is saying something.”

How the sausage REALLY gets made

Zachary Mider and Ben Elgin of Bloomberg Businessweek explain How Hedge Funds (Secretly) Get Their Way in Washington. Christine Harper calls it a “Terrific investigation into secret hedge fund influence.” Peter Schroeder agrees: “Nice @BW read on how the sausage REALLY gets made in Washington. Always fascinating when ‘public interest groups,’ PR firms, and lobbyists come out of the woodwork on seemingly niche issues.”

In the new Bloomberg cover, Javier Blas looks at The Dark Side of America’s Rise to Oil Superpower, writing, “It sounds good, but be careful what you wish for.”

Trump saying things

Trump Says He Supports a Path to Citizenship for ‘Dreamers,’ Maggie Haberman, Katie Rogers and Michael Shear of The New York Times report. “I thought they were pure evil & murderers...oh that was last week. All right then!” says Steven Mazie. Yes, do keep up, Steven.

Haberman and Julie Davis also report that Trump Says He Is Willing to Speak Under Oath to Mueller. Dan Pfeiffer, for one, says, “I too am ‘willing’ to do the things that someone can easily and legally compel me to do.” However, as we just noted, things move quickly around here. Tweets Kyle Griffin, “Ty Cobb, speaking to the Times, is now trying to walk back Trump's remarks earlier tonight, saying Trump was speaking hurriedly and intended only to say that he was willing to meet with Mueller.”

A revolving hyperloop

Spencer Hsu of The Washington Post reports that Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer peddled secret U.S. whistleblower suits to try to impress his bosses at a D.C. law firm with new clients. Kia Makarechi explains, “Not merely happy with a revolving door, this ex Justice Department lawyer attempted to create a revolving hyperloop for himself.” Jake Bernstein sums it up this way: “This is really bad.” But at least “The chickenshit club is coming into sharper focus,” as Charles Ornstein tweets.

Oprah 2020?

Not for now, at least. That’s just one of the takeaways from Oprah 2020? Oprah Winfrey On Running For President And The Way Forward For Women, Laura Brown’s Oprah interview for InStyle. Brown tweets, “The indelible @Oprah. We talk about the road ahead for women, why she ‘doesn’t take any bullshit’ and yes, her thoughts on running for President.”


Chris Evangelista is having a perfectly reasonable reaction to this news from Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter: Meryl Streep to Star in ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 for HBO. Claudia Koerner invites you to “imagine a steely, yet nuanced, glare between meryl and nicole.”

Tony Bravo asks, “Is it Christmas, first Meryl now Murphy?” because there’s more big news from The Hollywood Reporter, as Michael O'Connell reports, ‘Murphy Brown’ Returning to CBS With 13 Episodes. Jane Burns reveals, “I've been thinking of this show a lot lately. Not because of politics or the media but because I have a painter who can't seem to finish anything at my house.”

David Marchese of Vulture sits down with Erykah Badu, In Conversation, and Laura Bradley notes, “erykah badu is such a goddamn treasure.”

The future is terrible

So apparently Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now. Jason Koebler has the story for Motherboard, which tweets, “The future is terrible: Now everyone is making AI-generated fake porn with other people's faces.” Emanuel Maiberg reassures us, “Everything about this is much worse than you think.”

Also “lol wut?” asks Jana Kasperkevic. Nicole Hong of The Wall Street Journal reveals The New Dating No-No: Asking for a Last Name. Catherine Sweeney would say more but, “I don't have words for how much I hate every single thing about this.” Meanwhile, Brittany Hite points out, “1.this is very true but 2. Good journalists can do plenty of pre or post-date stalking without needing a surname.”

RIP Mark E Smith

Sadly, yet another huge loss: Mark E Smith, founder and lead singer of the Fall, dies aged 60. Rachel Aroesti and Ben Beaumont-Thomas have the obit for The Guardian. Tweets Richard Partington, “Farewell, Mark E Smith. An icon.”

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