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#Rams Sean McVay is your Pro Football Writers of America #NFL Coach of the Year.
4. And finally, if it's all about last name and who pops is, then what about Jeremiah and Spencer? They played ball too. They got as far as their talent/work ethic could take them. But not an inch further - even with their dad running an NBA team. No disrespect to them at all.  https://twitter.com/DailyNewsVinny/status/954037889918107648 
3. And the ones who stick around and get better and create a niche for themselves are the ones willing to continue to make that investment in themselves and their talent. Day after day after the day. The one' who don't, get weeded out. Your brother is an example of the former.  https://twitter.com/DailyNewsVinny/status/954037805683851264 
2. Irony is, almost from the moment 99% of #NBA players showed a hint of game they’ve been coddled and entitled by the system in place. But from that system the cream always rises to the top, pushed there by talent, will and hard work. It doesn’t happen without all 3 components  https://twitter.com/DailyNewsVinny/status/954037678999142400 
1. Anyone with half a brain understands your brother's success is virtue of his own merit. Sports is unforgiving in that way. It always has a way of sorting out who is real and who isn't. Last names don't matter. Not at the highest level.  https://twitter.com/CallieRivers25/status/954020645179883521 
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