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Senior Editor, @Engadget. Technology journalist who hates technology (and journalism). Proud of Europe, not of Britain.

After training to be an Intellectual Property lawyer, Dan abandoned a promising career in financial services to sit at home and play with gadgets. He lives in Norwich with his wife, his books and far too many opinions on British TV comedy. One day, if he's very, very lucky, he'll live out his dream to become the Executive Producer of Doctor Who, finish that novel and retire to ...

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Have you ever used a typewriter?

Only as a kid.

How is social media changing news?

In every way possible, from delivery all the way through to receipt. For instance, a Reddit user who worked for Oculus (unwittingly) revealed the merger deal months before the announcement. Most breaking news stories now are shared first on Twitter before a verified story is published, and while that means that there are a lot of hoaxes and misinformation at the beginning of an event, it’s also far more immediate than we’ve ever been used to.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

Email, always.

Actors are now virtually immortal in California

engadget.com — Tinseltown is, as you might have guessed, a bit loopy for all things young, which forces performers to be a bit shrewd about revealing their age. A few years ago, a nameless actress sued IMDB for making her birthdate public, telling the world that she was " many years older than she looks."

Run fast enough and Strava will give you free sneakers

engadget.com — In order to be in with a chance of scoring fresh kicks, runners will have to get a "negative split," which is the ability to complete the second half of a marathon faster than the first. According to Strava's data, only 1.9 percent of people who completed the 2015 Boston marathon achieved it.

Researchers think chaos theory can get us past Moore's Law

engadget.com — Lead researcher Behnam Kia explains that we are now "reaching the limits of physics in terms of transistor size." If you've ever listened to one of Intel's presentations, you'll notice that every new production process is getting harder to achieve.

A love letter to my Philips Wake-up Light

engadget.com — I first became obsessed with wake-up lights back in the early '90s, when a British TV program investigated the then-new-fangled gadgets. The devices are designed to replicate our exposure to dawn, allowing us to wake from sleep cycles much as our ancestors did.

Uber brings safety selfies to the US

engadget.com — The safety selfies feature is being supported by Microsoft's Cognitive Services, which will be doing the selfie-based comparisons. Sullivan explains that 99 percent of the recorded incidents in the pilot program were down to the fact that their profile photos were unclear.

Fotr takes you back to photography's bad old days

engadget.com — Once you've downloaded Fotr, you're encouraged to buy a "roll of film," that's actually a set of prints that'll be delivered to your door 10 days after shooting. If you want a traditional 6 x 4-inch, 24-frame color roll, it'll cost you €18 ($20), while the most expensive reel produces 7 x 5-inch, 36-frame color images for €30 ($33).

Yahoo confirms over 500 million users affected in 2014 breach

engadget.com — In a statement posted to its investor relations site, Yahoo claims the massive hack was the act of a "state-sponsored" hacker and elaborates on the kind of data that party might have had access to.

'Super Mario Maker' for the 3DS only plays in 2D

engadget.com — If you were hoping that the handheld version of Super Mario Maker played in three dimensions, take a seat. has stumbled across the GameStop listing for the 3DS edition, the box for which comes with a prominent caveat that it only plays in two dimensions.

Facebook Messenger calls look like regular calls on iOS 10

engadget.com — As reported by , the app now harnesses a new feature that Apple included in iOS 10: Callkit. The offering enables third-parties to make their communications behave like standard phone behaviors. We've already seen this available to Android users, back in the days when Google merged Hangouts and SMS on Android.

Sega harnesses nostalgia to sell you 'Sonic Mania'

engadget.com — Ever since, uh, 1995, it's been a hard few years for Sonic The Hedgehog fans as we're promised a new game that'll remedy all those past transgressions. In order to commemorate the original's 25th anniversary, Sega is launching Sonic Mania , a new title that reimagines levels from the first (and best) four games in the series.
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Sep 30, 2016

@AmazonHelp No, it's not my order. It's a parcel from a third party.

Sep 30, 2016

I wish I could be as excited about ANYTHING as the guy from Obese: one year to save my life is about kettle bell squats.

Sep 30, 2016

@AmazonHelp I have a Amazon Logistics card through my door, but no way to track since the URL is only for tracking your own orders.

Sep 29, 2016


Sep 29, 2016

Is there any way to turn off Facebook app notifications for Facebook Live?

Sep 29, 2016

@nicole Wait, why isn't Darrell doing Trump? Darrel always does Trump!

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