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Newport Beach, Orange County
Founding Editor — Marketing Land, Search Engine Land

Founding Editor, @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search.

Widely considered a leading "search engine guru," Danny Sullivan has been helping webmasters, marketers and everyday web users understand how search engines work for nearly two decades.

Danny's expertise about search engines is often sought by the media, and he has been quoted in places like The Wall St. Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The New Yorker and Newsweek and ABC's Nightline.

Danny began covering ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Cub reporter on my campus paper.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Oh, yes!

How is social media changing news?

It's providing even faster access to the news and sources, with pros and cons for accuracy, along the way.

Direct answer fail: Google gives only one side of proposed gun ammo & magazine law

searchengineland.com — Want to know about California's Proposition 63, a measure to control gun ammunition sales and large magazines that's on the ballot within the state this month. Google has the answer. It's a "deceptive ballot initiative that will criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians." So much for balanced search results.

How Trump & Clinton have failed to use free space in Google for US presidential candidates

searchengineland.com — With the US presidential election hotter than ever, Google's program to give the major candidates valuable yet entirely free space in its search results wasn't used by either campaign for the past week. The Hillary Clinton campaign finally began using of the space again today while the Donald Trump campaign has yet to resume.

Will usability issues hinder Google Assistant, the star of Google's new Pixel phone?

marketingland.com — Why would you choose the new Google Pixel smartphone over one of the many competitors out there, including the iPhone? Google's betting big that the new "Google Assistant" feature in the Pixel will make it a compelling choice. That's a bet which might not pay off due to usability issues.

With Google Assistant & Google Home, Google seeks to win the hands-free generation of search

searchengineland.com — Google bucked the odds to win the first generation of internet search, on the desktop. It proved nimble to thrive in the transition to mobile search. Now it faces a third big generational change: hands-free search in the age of internet-connected devices. Enter Google Assistant and Google Home as how Google hopes to win.

Live Blog: The Made by Google Hardware Event

marketingland.com — Ready to learn about the new Google Pixel phones, the Google Home voice-activated assistant rival to Amazon Echo and more new hardware from Google? Marketing Land is here at the " Made by Google " event, live blogging all the news, as it happens.

Clinton wins @Grubhub "debate" as diners cast votes with #ImWithHer & #ImWithHim discount codes

marketingland.com — The hungry have voted, and they're with Hillary Clinton having won the first US presidential debate this week. That's according to an innovative promotion by food delivery service Grubhub that gave people discounts for sharing who they felt won. Those placing orders on Monday night were invited to share "Which side do you crave?"

Allo: Google again moves deckchairs on its sinking Titanic in the messaging wars

marketingland.com — Hey! Google has a new messaging app out today called Allo. Pity I can't send you a text message about it. Allo can't handle that, which is a core failing out-of-the-box. It's a failing Google can't afford with yet another messaging app. I am a long-time Google messaging app user.

There's no Google Search widget for the iOS 10 Search screen: why that matters

searchengineland.com — iOS 10 has made widgets much more noticeable than in past releases. That's an opportunity for Google to regain some search attention in Apple's mobile operating system. However, Google's still not taking advantage of this. Widgets - think of them as mini-applications that you don't have to open to interact with - aren't new to iOS.

Lack of courage: How Apple still sucks up to carriers, a preorder fail story

medium.com — Here's a question I'd love to see Apple answer more than why it found the " courage " to remove that damn headphone jack. Why can't it sell me and others a phone without demanding us to choose a carrier, especially when that's no longer necessary?

How many days has it been since the last Google Penguin Update?

searchengineland.com — The Google Penguin Update is a filter designed to help Google combat severe forms of spam in its search results. This page tells you how long it has been since the last Penguin Update, which is helpful for those hoping to escape the penalty. Penguin operates on a periodic basis.
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Oct 23, 2016

Now we need AT&T to somehow buy AOL so we can get the AOL Time Warner band back together. Communication + Content always equals success. Oh.

Oct 23, 2016

Apparently season 3 of The Fall decided a crossover with Casualty was in order. Ugh.

Oct 22, 2016

Great job by @HBAirShow -- if you can bike to Huntington Beach, plenty of room & fantastic free air show tomorrow, too. Go out! #HBAirshow

Oct 22, 2016

Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war  http://fw.to/cCegmHc 

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