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@SlackerInc @AnnihilationMov @A24 Generally I try to get people who have read the book since we're sort of a book-centric hardcore geek show. If you want the opinions of people who haven't read the book -- or apparently *any* book -- I feel like there are a million movie podcasts like that.
@SlackerInc @AnnihilationMov @A24 Anyway I kind of prefer it that way, where it's like the judges at the Olympics giving their scores. If we always planned to have one person who hated it, one person who loved it, and one person who thought it was okay, I feel like there would be less suspense and more sameness.
@SlackerInc @AnnihilationMov @A24 Given our schedule we typically have to line up the guests before the movie comes out, so it's impossible to know who's going to end up liking it or not.
@DaynaJD @JohnJosephAdams @geeksgalaxy Maybe "The Green Leopard Plague" by Walter Jon Williams. Though it's not about GM crops exactly.
@DaynaJD @JohnJosephAdams @geeksgalaxy This is the first thing that came to mind for me. Not sure if it's really what you're looking for though. 
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