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How you can get the market right even when the stock pros can’t — When active mutual-fund managers become closet index trackers - essentially positioning their portfolios to match the returns of an index rather than trying to beat it - an overwhelming majority of them are almost guaranteed to underperform.

Why this U.S. market rally gives investors good reason to be cautious — Many factors suggest that the U.S. stock market currently is vulnerable to a decline, maybe a big one. The fundamentals are bleak, for starters. The U.S. economy grew at a dismal 1.2% annual pace in the second quarter, a Commerce Department report released at the end of July showed, and corporate earnings are flat at best.

An Unpleasant View At Bull Market's Summit

Timing May Be Right for Investors to Seek Protection — Stocks have shown no clear trend in more than a year; valuations are high and corporate earnings have been weak. The market at last reached new highs this month. It may well continue to rally, but it will have to do so against a backdrop of weak corporate earnings, a less accommodating Federal Reserve and lingering uncertainty surrounding Britain's vote in late June to leave the European Union.

Stretch of Market Volatility Makes It Stormy at the Top — The conundrum that investors face heading into the second half is that alternative destinations for their money aren't cheap, either. Yields on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, for instance, declined in the second quarter to 1.4 percent from 1.78 percent. That helped the average long-term government bond fund gain 6.5 percent, and bond funds in general rose 2.6 percent.

How the next market crash could freeze high-yield bond ETFs — High-yield bonds have spent much of 2016 bouncing back from the steep fall they suffered last year. The moves in both directions coincided with similar trajectories in the prices of oil and energy stocks. Energy companies are among the largest issuers of high-yield debt, which is speculative and less creditworthy.

These two stock market sectors are the best to own over the summer — The old market adage to "Sell in May and go away" has merit. The U.S. stock market does tend to do far better between November and April than from May through October - a period when many of the biggest dives and swoons have occurred.

Farms That Rise to the Challenge — "Nothing touches the plant," he said. "With the right lighting spectrum, we can optimize for taste, nutrition, texture and color." AeroFarms uses repurposed warehouse space for its farms. Plantagon International, a Swedish company designing prototype farms with real estate developers, government authorities and universities around the world, hopes to incorporate its farms into multipurpose buildings.

Slumping buyback-linked ETFs could be telling stock investors to sell — You can use exchange-traded funds to express a view on the stock market. You can also use ETFs to suggest a market view in the first place. One of the biggest points in favor of buying stocks in the last few years has been the prevalence of buybacks.

Fringe Art Tests the Mainstream — While many of the materials that artists work in today are new, the search for new media in its modern form goes back to Marcel Duchamp and the Dada notion that "anything can be art," said Steven Henry, director of the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York.
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Mar 11, 2016

For cultural vultural readers, here’s a piece on the development of LA as an art center. Don’t smirk, New Yorkers. 

Aug 12, 2015

SocGen’s Edwards, one of the few who predicted a #renminbi devaluation: “Investors should prepare for a tidal wave of deflation from Asia.”

Jun 25, 2015

@JonEntine Can you send me a direct message with your email address?

Jun 08, 2015

Can anyone suggest a financial adviser who uses ETFs to build long/short bond portfolios? This is for an NY Times story. Please DM me.

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