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@QBCares Could you follow me just for a bit so I can DM you my number? Don't want to broadcast it to the whole world: Thanks
@IntuitBrad after happy relationship fr over 15 yrs, now in customer hell; 3 calls into yr cust service wth 3 commitments by them to call me back & NO ANSWER fr 5 hours; WHY? Because I am trying to cancel an order? Pls intervene  https://twitter.com/MacroViewpoints/status/954518500269228032 
@Intuit -Trying to call yr Customer Service for 4 hours; the automated systems takes my phone number & promises to call in 50 minutes; have left my number 3 times BUT not call back; Horrible cust relations; Hv bn happy cust for 15 yrs; Now DISGUSTED; can someone call me back?
@himalayan_fiend @PnNamboo @Dauhshanti @RohiniBakshi @OnlyNakedTruth @brakoo I am sure thr are many scholars of Sanskrut there; but misspellling as Sanskrit instead of Sanskrut is based on following British imposed wrong spelling; very hard for Indians to get rid of British conventions even though every one knows those conventions are wrong
@himalayan_fiend @PnNamboo @Dauhshanti @RohiniBakshi @OnlyNakedTruth @brakoo & that university will also use wrong spelling Sanskrit instead of correct Sanskrut?
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