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Daniel Bases, Deputy U.S. Public Finance Editor, Thomson Reuters

Daniel Bases is an award-winning print and broadcast correspondent and editor who for the last 20+ years has written and analyzed financial, foreign policy and general news. Daniel has worked for Thomson Reuters for the past 18 year...


Christopher J. Welles Prize - The Best of Knight-Bagehot

2015 - Economics and Business Journalism
Daniel Bases, Senior Correspondent at Thomson Reuters, series on the Argentina debt crisis shed lights on how a government's conduct impacts its citizens’ lifestyles. He explains the arcane nuances of the sovereign debt default and reveals the backroom dealings. His coverage culminated in stories about the lawsuit filed by holdout creditors that resulted in a wholesale change in the structure of the sovereign debt market. Bases called the outcome “winning the court battle, but losing the war.” Because of his 12-year coverage of the debt crisis, Bases had exclusive access. That allowed him to avoid the pitfalls and easy characterizations by some news organizations that covered the story simply as a fight by greedy investors against a populist government.

The Society of the Silurians

2013 - Feature News - Merit Award
Daniel Bases, a reporter at Thomson Reuters, wrote a fascinating, well-written and diligently researched article on a little-known expert who influences how nations run their finances, emerge from defaults, pay their debts and re-enter the international financial markets. He illustrates how a complex and often-obscure corner of global finance can be brought to life by focusing on one key individual.