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NHTSA releases best practice guidelines for vehicle cybersecurity

techcrunch.com — Following its release of guidelines for automakers regarding self-driving cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a similar set of guidelines or "best practices" for cybersecurity in vehicles designed to provide guidance for car makers. The best practices document is 22 pages long, and is non-binding, meaning there's no regulatory imperative requiring that carmakers meet these standards.

Uber will deliver up to 5 free flu shots and a free care pack to users

techcrunch.com — Last year, Uber launched UberHEALTH to deliver on-demand wellness pack and optional flu shots. For 2016, it's doing it again, with Uber for Health, which similarly offers on on-demand "flu-fighting" care pack when you request one in-app, with optional free flu shots for up to 5 people at your location.

Here’s the face of Fisker’s new electric car, including sensors for future autonomy

techcrunch.com — Henrik Fisker is back with a new electric car company, Fisker, Inc., which has emerged from two years of operating in stealth mode. Now, we have our first teasing look at what the new Fisker electric vehicle, thanks to a shadowy image of the front end of the car.

Ecobee kicks off a new voluntary energy study to help fight climate change

techcrunch.com — Connected thermostat maker ecobee is launching a new program that lets users of its devices opt-in to sharing their anonymized usage data as part of a large-scale study regarding home energy efficiency.

Webcams involved in Dyn DDoS attack recalled

techcrunch.com — Dyn said last week it identified "10s of millions" of unique IP addresses involved in the massive botnet DDoS attack on its managed DNS services, which knocked out Twitter, Amazon and others sites for many users.

Pokémon Go’s first ever in-game event ups the candy count for Halloween

techcrunch.com — Pokémon Go players will get the chance to participate in the game's first ever in-game event this Halloween, starting Wednesday October 26 and running through November 1. The event will feature higher encounter rates for spooky Pokémon, including Drowzee, Zubat, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter and Hypno, and trainers will also get more candy for catching, buddy training and transferring Pokémon.

Americans uneasy with IoT devices like those used in Dyn DDoS attack, survey finds

techcrunch.com — A coordinated botnet attack effectively choked internet access to a large number of popular sites last week, and the attack itself was made possible in large part due to the spread of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Netflix proposes $800M debt offering to raise funds for content and more

techcrunch.com — Netflix has proposed a new offering of $800 million in senior notes, the company announced today. The proposed $800 debt raise follows a similar $1.5 billion senior notes raise priced in February, 2015.

Singapore to trial driverless buses after successful shuttle pilot

techcrunch.com — Driverless technology moved closer to becoming an everyday reality last week in the U.S. thanks to Tesla, but in Singapore it's already expanding from testing with taxis to testing with full-size city buses in real-world situations.

AT&T said to be “in advanced talks” to purchase Time Warner

techcrunch.com — AT&T is in the advanced stages of negotiations to acquire Time Warner, according to the Wall Street Journal, which would give the carrier a huge content creation arm. Other carriers, including TechCrunch parent company Verizon, have embraced a similar strategy in order to own more of the relationship between customer and content, rather than just the delivery mechanism of the network.
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Oct 24, 2016

@fitztepper get some more sweet angles on that soap bottle tho

Oct 24, 2016

@fitztepper classiest foaming cleaner ever. my dog’s looking pretty good with the feature, too https://t.co/f6xXcTdqUd

Oct 24, 2016

@anthonyha that’s what i mean when i call you ‘da-dee’

Oct 24, 2016

@rrhoover worth it if you work from a desk and plan on doing so for 10 yrs or more (you get what you pay for)

Oct 19, 2016

internet’s extremely internet today

Oct 19, 2016

RT @anthonyha: This was a fun conversation about Google, Tinder, and more — plus you get to see my earpiece slowly falling off https://t.co/d6tRf0wJkj

Oct 18, 2016

RT @fredericl: Thoroughly impressed by the Pixel's camera (though my skills as a photographer obviously don't do it justice). https://t.co/2O8o32dRKf

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