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Montini: Trump spewing Arizona’s old voter-fraud lies — Donald Trump (Photo: The Republic) Donald Trump is reaching back into the dishonest, disproved fear-mongering playbook used by Arizona politicians for years. As he put it this week, "But we have voters all over the country where they're not even citizens of the country, and they're voting." No. We don't.

Montini: Melania Trump ‘egg’ rolls Donald under the bus — Donald and Melania Trump (Photo: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) Melania Trump did an interview with Anderson Cooper that was meant to defend her husband, Donald, the Republican presidential nominee. She wound up throwing him under the bus. Then running him over. Poor Melania. She had no chance.

Montini: McCain promises to block ANY Clinton Supreme Court nominee — John McCain and Hillary Clinton (Photo: The Republic) Sen. John McCain wants you to elect him so that he can NOT do his job. According to the Constitution, the president "shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint [Justices] to the Supreme Court."

Montini: Will Tucson smash guns AND the gun lobby? — Trash or treasure? (Photo: AP) Finally, it looks like someone is standing up to the biggest bully around, the Republican-controlled Arizona Legislature. As well as its sidekick and enforcer, the gun lobby. Last session, Senate President Andy Biggs pushed through Senate Bill 1487, which would deny state-shared revenue to local governments that violate state law or the constitution.

Montini: Trump is right, the media is being unethical and unfair — Donald Trump (Photo: USA Today) Donald Trump says the media is being unethical and unfair and he's right. But not when it comes to him. All of Trump's troubles were brought on by Trump, speaking into microphones and behaving like, well, like Trump. On the other hand, the media is using stolen information about Democrats.

Montini: Dolphin prison draws out a bit of our ... humanity — This is where they should live. Not in the desert. (Photo: Public domain) Not too long ago eight heavily guarded, carefully restrained prisoners were flown to Arizona and locked up in Stalag 101, the dolphin internment camp located just off the freeway on the Salt River Reservation near Scottsdale.

Montini: Why it doesn’t matter (to some) if Trump committed sexual assault — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (Photo: The Republic) Ben Carson, the holier-than-thou Republican presidential candidate turned Donald Trump surrogate finally admitted it. To Trump supporters, it does not matter if Trump committed sexual assault. It does not matter if he did any of the other things that have been reported.

Montini: Turn down the Nobel Prize, Dylan, and don’t think twice (it’s alright) — Bob Dylan (Photo: Chris Pizzello, AP) Come on, Bob, it's like you said, You don't need to be weatherman/to know which way the wind blows. The Nobel Prize committee is playing you. Or, as you wrote, I try my best to be just like I am/ but everybody wants you to be just like them.

Montini: Arizona GOP chair becomes a (tiny) attack dog for Trump — Robert Graham Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. (Photo: Nick Oza/The Republic) Donald Trump's last ditch desperation strategy is to try to divert attention from himself and his disgusting comments and behavior and point the finger at Clinton. Not Hillary. Bill. It's a pathetic, venal, cynical approach to getting elected.

Montini: Should we still make criminals of landscapers, cooks, clerks...moms, dads? — Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies conduct workplace raid. (Photo: Joshua Lott, Getty Images) The laws that almost ruined Arizona reputation and ruined so many lives are still on the books. And back in court on Thursday. We forget sometimes because it's not in the news anymore.
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Oct 23, 2016

RT @pir8at40: @ejmontini @azcentral unfortunately if you took a stand against it, you be accused of not covering the news. That's sad & y n…

Oct 22, 2016

Montini: Why is the media trafficking in stolen goods?  via @azcentral

Oct 22, 2016

RT @DanCBarr: My guess is that this election is the last time that anyone pays any attention to anything Jan Brewer has to say.

Oct 22, 2016

RT @RobBenjamin: I'm not Latino, and I don't live in Arizona. Still, my first thought was "Look out, Jan. We're coming to get you".…

Oct 22, 2016

RT @JoeWAtAFSCME: Wow the hard core Republicans never seem to fail enough and still think they know what's best. 

Oct 22, 2016

READER: Remember her brain freeze in the debate? She should have stayed that way - silent.  via @azcentral

Oct 22, 2016

RT @KathleenSoprano: @azsweetheart013 @joanwalsh @ejmontini @azcentral Jan Brewer was not pleasant/relevant while she was an elected official, less so now.

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