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Montini: Another $6 million down the toilet for Arpaio? — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio the Republican conventin praising Donald Trump. (Photo: Nick Oza/The Republic) The taxpayer wasted money that has been wasted to defend Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is so outrageous we don't even notice it anymore. Or maybe we've convinced ourselves to ignore it.

Montini: Border Patrol killing proves Mexican lives DON’T matter — Araceli Rodríguez carries a makeshift coffin for her son during a march in Nogales, Mexico. (Photo: Michael Chow/Republic)) If someone in U.S. law enforcement had done something like this to an unarmed American boy, shot him 10 times in the back under questionable circumstances, there would be a national uproar, and rightfully so.

Montini: From Russia with love…for Trump — If it had been the Republican National Committee that was hacked by the Russians Donald Trump would be calling it an act of war. And he'd be right. Sort of. Federal investigators seem to believe that Russian hackers broke into the Democratic National Committee and had access to its internal communications for just about a year.

Montini: Flagstaff is putting the ‘class’ back in working class — Outside of Flagstaff, that town where respect and optimism may win. (Photo: Jenny Sachs) The bottom line is about respect. It's a way of saying that a living wage should be a wage a person can live on.

Montini: McCain ad trashes Kirkpatrick for praising Hillary - like he did...A LOT. — Sen. John McCain and a woman he doesn't like or admire, except when he does. (Photo: The Republic) Sen. John McCain's reelection campaign has released a new ad trashing his Democratic opponent, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, for being a Hillary Clinton 'superfan.'

Montini: Ducey shafts Kingman schools to line wallet of private prison operator — So, we'd rather spend out money in this place than in schools? (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic) Gov. Doug Ducey's office had a plan all ready to go in which a private prison operation would get a big fat subsidy and the Kingman Unifed School District would get the shaft.

Montini: Hillary's Spanish-speaking VP no es bueno — Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Gustavo Caballero, Getty Images) Hillary Clinton's choice for vice president, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, spoke Spanish during a speech in Miami a few days ago and that should be a very good thing. And it is...for Donald Trump.

Montini: God help us ... abolish political conventions

Montini: Does a pointy-headed white robe have coattails? — David Duke back in his KKK days. (Photo: YouTube) The former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, has announced that he is running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, happily joining a 'revolution' being led by Donald Trump. Duke has shared many of the same conspiracy theories as Trump, and some even wackier.

Montini: The election in 5 words: Fear everything or fear Trump — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Photo: -, AFP/Getty Images) So, now we know. The election will be determined by what we are afraid of most. The Republican National Convention guaranteed it by way of the nominee's acceptance speech.
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Jul 26, 2016

READER: So McCain hates Hillary, except when he loves her. Do I have that right? ME: Yes (and no)  via @azcentral

Jul 26, 2016

Montini: Another $6 million down the toilet for Arpaio?  via @azcentral

Jul 26, 2016

READER: If Russia elects Trump GOP won't have to change colors: Red works. ME: Rose-colored glasses  via @azcentral

Jul 26, 2016

@SkilletDoux @PaolaBoivin I'll forgive all pizza atrocities if you can convince Chicago's Firecakes to move here

Jul 26, 2016

Montini: Border Patrol killing proves that Mexican lives DON’T matter  via @azcentral

Jul 26, 2016

RT @johnewing66: @ejmontini @azcentral if @dougducey can withhold state revenue then Flagstaff citizens should not pay state taxes.

Jul 26, 2016

READER: How about this for a suggested headline? 'If only Flagstaff was America' ME: I like it.  via @azcentral

Jul 25, 2016

Montini: Flagstaff is putting the ‘class’ back in working class  via @azcentral

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