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Montini: What the &%$#!? Arizona has a &%#!*#& 'civil discourse' institute?

Montini: Pitcher Jose Fernandez was young, talented, charismatic, all-American…dumb — Teammates' makeshift tribute to Jose Fernandez (Photo: USA Today) Sooner or later every young man does something really, really, stupid. Something that - looking back - could have gotten him killed, but somehow didn't, and then becomes a story that he and his idiot friends laugh about later.

Montini: If truth mattered, Clinton crushed Trump (Hint: Truth doesn’t matter) — The AP Fact Check of the first Presidential debate found Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both denying their previous statements, Trump on the Iraq war and Clinton on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. (Sept. 27) AP When people talk about scoring points in a presidential debate they don't mean a candidate made an insightful or salient point.

Montini: Thomas Paine explains why Trump can say stuff that earns your kid a spanking — Thomas Paine (Photo: National Archives) I got a message from a local history instructor who said that Thomas Paine explained why some people are OK with Donald Trump saying things that would earn their children a sharp rebuke. And he said it in 1775.

Montini: Paul 'Underpants' Babeu wants you to ignore his past (and elect him to Congress) — Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu (Photo: Hannah Gaber/The Republic) Sheriff Paul "Underpants" Babeu wishes to represent Arizona in Congress, and for that to happen he asks only that you ignore his past. I believe that was the message of Babeu's apparently testy press event at the State Capitol Monday according to an article by The Arizona Republic's Ron Hansen.

Montini: Two blown calls: One by the referees, one by...America — The play that 'won' the game. (Photo: Alonzo Adams, USA TODAY Sports) It began with a blown call on a football field. It ended with a blown call by...America. All of us. There was an opportunity last weekend to remind ourselves that we stand for something more than a philosophy of win-at-all-costs.

Montini: Trump says Clinton guards should ‘disarm’ and ‘see what happens’ ... sick — More hints at violence. (Photo: Shelley Mays/The Tennessean) Once again Donald Trump hints at violence against Hillary Clinton. Would he call it a joke? Would he say we're taking things out of context? Would he say we're overreacting? We're not.

Montini: Did Trump just throw Arpaio under the birther bus? — They were buddies. Did Trump just dump Arpaio? (Photo: AP) When Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio introduced his pal Donald Trump at a rally here last year he went out of his way to point out that they were among the first well-known personalities to jump on the "birther" bandwagon, questioning the validity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Montini: It’s still SB 1070, but not on steroids…more like caffeine — Yes, it's still with us. (Photo: Deirdre Hamill/The Republic) A settlement was announced Thursday in a lawsuit against SB 1070 - yeah, it's still with us. The six-year-old suit had been brought against the State of Arizona by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Valle del Sol and other.

Montini: Was Rose Mofford Arizona’s last ‘beloved’ politician – ever? Yes. — Rose Mofford visits students during her time as governor (Photo: The Republic) A reader left me this message: "Do you think Rose Mofford is last politician in Arizona who will ever be called 'beloved?'" Yes. It's never going to happen again. There never again will be a beloved Arizona politician.
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Sep 27, 2016

RT @menviv: @ejmontini @azcentral How do so many miss the point? Great perspective EJ.

Sep 27, 2016

RT @Slick19236651: @ejmontini @LeftyMarlins @jasondubin1 @azcentral When your kids start to drive you hope their inevitable first accident…

Sep 27, 2016

I DID make dumb choices. Most young guys do, and survive. With age is it not prudent to point out how some don't?. 

Sep 27, 2016

Montini: What the &%$#!? Arizona has a &%#!*#& 'civil discourse' institute?  via @azcentral

Sep 27, 2016

Every young guy makes bad decisions. Most of us survive them. Sometimes, one dumb choice is all it takes. 

Sep 27, 2016

Montini: Pitcher Jose Fernandez was young, talented, charismatic, all-American…dumb  via @azcentral

Sep 27, 2016

RT @JZSamm: @ejmontini True. But "truth doesn't matter" :) (Trump supporter using Trump tactics- *shock*)

Sep 27, 2016

RT @LisaCampo: @ejmontini @azcentral They are unwilling to admit they were duped and they put Party politics over the good of our Country.#VoteResponsibly

Sep 27, 2016

Thanks. Insults and lame attempts at misdirection are the same as conceding the argument. 

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