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Toronto Star journalist. Ruth's great granddaughter. Enjoys retweeting, court documents and animal photos. Tips? emathieu@thestar.ca C-team. #gogrubers

Funding, reforms to abuse program concerns women’s issues experts

thestar.com — Premier Kathleen Wynne must "immediately address" the concerns raised by community experts on domestic violence over the province's court-mandated counselling program, says a provincial critic on women's issues. The plea to Wynne comes in an open letter from MPP Peggy Sattler (London West) with the New Democratic Party.

Ontario's domestic abuse counselling program is in crisis

thestar.com — Ontario's court-ordered domestic violence program is endangering the safety of some of the women it was designed to protect, veteran program leaders have told the province's attorney general. It is too often being used in place of a criminal conviction and jail time, creating a false sense of security, according to the head of one Toronto agency formerly in charge of overseeing the program.

York U student files human rights complaint over poor support following sex assault

thestar.com — A York University student who has made a human rights complaint against her school is alleging she was unsupported and discriminated against after she reported a sexual assault.

Training sessions can help women detect sex assault risk, study shows

thestar.com — Educating young women on how to detect the risk of sexual violence and engage in verbal and physical defence can significantly reduce the risk of rape, a new study shows.

Poll finds good support for eastern Gardiner tear-down

thestar.com — Torontonians would strongly support a plan to tear down the east end of the Gardiner Expressway and replace it with a boulevard, rather than bear the cost of rebuilding it, according to a new poll.

Peacock’s Roncesvalles ramblings holds the neighbourhood’s fancy

thestar.com — The news the peacock had been spotted, again, spread like wildfire between the kids and parents patrolling the west end laneway and would be bird watchers roaming the nearby streets. A group of girls, who had been tracking the bird for most of the morning, excitedly called out and gestured wildly in the direction of his position.

Trouble tenant Nina Willis begins six-month sentence

thestar.com — Nina Willis, a Toronto tenant found guilty of defrauding two of her former landlords, has been sent to jail. A visibly emotional Willis hugged two young women and a man who accompanied her to the hearing at College Park Court, and was then handcuffed and removed from the courtroom shortly before 11:30 a.m.

Serial trouble tenant Nina Willis gets jail time for fraud and false pretenses

thestar.com — A Toronto tenant with a long history of not paying rent, who was found guilty of defrauding two of her landlords, has been sentenced to six months in jail. Nina Willis is expected to begin serving her sentence in about two weeks.

Students, teachers at North Albion Collegiate say roof repairs making them sick

thestar.com — Students and teachers at North Albion Collegiate Institute are calling on the Toronto District School Board to stop work on their school's roof done during class time and repair a string of problems at the school, after students reported feeling sick, seeing water leak through the roof of a computer lab, and enduring upstairs classrooms hitting temperatures of 40 C.

Asphalt work at school makes students sick, say parents

thestar.com — Students at an Etobicoke school suffered burning throats, nausea and aggravated asthma, their parents say, after the Toronto District School Board allowed the spread of hot asphalt on the school's roof during class time. At Lambton-Kingsway Junior-Middle School, where the work was being done, the asphalt was being heated in a kettle next to a door where students arrived by bus Friday morning.
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