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Why the Inc. 5000 Is the List That Matters — A lot of business Websites create lists. (Maybe you've noticed.) One of's competitors, for example, ranks giant public corporations in order of their total revenue. Another ranks people by their supposed net worth. Others rank mutual funds, financial advisers, and so on. The Inc. 5000 resembles those lists in a superficial way.

Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban on Why America Needs Immigrant Entrepreneurs — This year's Presidential election is going to be, at least in part, a referendum on America's openness to immigrants. Are the people who come from other countries a drag on the economy--because they consume resources and steal American jobs--or are they a net gain?

Brexit: A Cloud without a Silver Lining for U.S. Business — To hear the wise heads at the Council of Foreign Relations tell it, the voters of Britain just inflicted on themselves one the most self-destructive own-goals in modern economic history. Referring to Thursday's extraordinary vote to pull Britain out of the European Union, the Council's president Richard N.

The Well-Adjusted Entrepreneur--and Other Paradoxes — Scott Fitzgerald said the sign of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time. That's also a pretty good description of a well-adjusted entrepreneur. For starters, you have to be numerate enough to run a business but also willfully blind to a 95 percent failure rate.

Richard Branson: Why Customers Come Second at Virgin — Video Transcript 00:12 Eric Schurenberg: Not just customer service matters to the Virgin brand. Virgin is one of the few companies, I'd include Southwest Airlines and Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group, as a place that puts employees first. Why does that matter to you and why does that tend to result in better customer service?

How Honest Tea Co-Founder Seth Goldman Gave up a Wall Street Career to Build a Beverage Company — Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, describes to Inc. president Eric Schurenberg how he teamed up with his business professor to sell a low-calorie tea drink.

What Makes an Inc. Story an Inc. Story — Lots of publications want to write about entrepreneurs these days, even those that built their reputations covering corporate giants. Who can blame them? Builders like you make much better stories than the stewards of Goldman Sachs, Walmart, and other traditional business darlings. Of course, the mainstream business press hasn't always recognized that.

In the World of Entrepreneurship, Everyone Can Play — It has never been easier or cheaper to start a company that can grow to scale. Thanks to open-source software, social media platforms, broadband penetration, and--not least--the efforts of innovators like those featured on this month's covers, the cost of launching a tech business has plummeted by 90 percent or more since 2000.

Kevin O'Leary: Why Being "Evil" Is Good for Business — Should your business strive to be a force for good? Or is the only point of being in business to make a profit? Tough question. Without giving away too much of this month's cover story, I can tell you that Shark Tank's professional curmudgeon, Kevin O'Leary, favors the " make a profit" side.

Why Being a 'Visionary' Doesn't Matter — One of the most appealing myths about entrepreneurship, repeated sometimes even at Inc., is that to succeed, you have to be a visionary. You need to be able to see years into the future and disrupt incumbents by getting there first.
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