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Tonight’s Tony Awards will be dedicated to the victims of the Orlando shooting. — Political patronage is bad, and ABC News seems to have the Hillary Clinton State Department dead to rights giving a long-time Clinton donor, Rajiv Fernando, an advisory board gig he was ... well, let's just say he probably shouldn't have been first in line for it.

The Orlando massacre is the worst mass shooting in American history. It should be seen as terrorism, whatever the FBI decides. — The horrifying slaughter at a LGBTQ nightclub last night, which has left at least 50 dead and many more injured is already sparking a political discussion. It's reasonable to assume that homophobia is the cause, but does is the tragedy a hate crime or an act of terrorism?

Ian McEwan’s new novel is basically Look Who’s Talking. — Since publishing Atonement in 2001, McEwan has been better known for being Christopher Hitchens's designated driver than for his novels. Which may help explain why McEwan's next novel Nutshell is being pitched as a "clean break" by his publisher, featuring a protagonist with "a perspective unlike any other"-an unborn child, "with just two weeks to go in the womb," according to The Bookseller.

Watch literally everyone on CNN own Jeffrey Lord over and over again for 20 minutes. — Some of the best television of 2016 has been the discussions about race between Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord, alt-right Trump supporter, on CNN. Tonight was perhaps the longest discussion yet, this time about Trump's racist comments about the American judge of Mexican ancestry overseeing a class action lawsuit against Trump University.

Forget the woman card, Clinton has the feminist card. — In a room covered in Planned Parenthood-pink, Hillary Clinton gave her first speech since declaring victory in the Democratic primary. Speaking at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event she didn't pull punches in depicting what her presidency would mean.

Gawker has filed for bankruptcy. — Gawker owes Hulk Hogan (and his benefactor, sentient copy of Atlas Shrugged Peter Thiel) over $100 million, after it lost a class action suit earlier this year. That judgment is being appealed, but to avoid paying Hogan, the company and its owner, Nick Denton, are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Damaging Clinton story breaks, no liberals whine about a media conspiracy. — Political patronage is bad, and ABC News seems to have the Hillary Clinton State Department dead to rights giving a long-time Clinton donor, Rajiv Fernando, an advisory board gig he was...well, let's just say he probably shouldn't have been first in line for it.

This icy stare from Elizabeth Warren should put all dumb men on notice. — The populist senator from Cambridge had quite the Thursday, first demonstrating that it is possible to make personalized attacks on Donald Trump without sounding like you're slumming, and then going on her old chum Rachel Maddow's show to endorse Hillary Clinton with all the vigor of a running mate-in-waiting.

Jennifer Lawrence will be donning a black turtleneck to play everyone’s favorite former billionaire. — The dramatic downfall of Theranos-the insanely overvalued medical company that claimed it could revolutionize blood testing but turned out to be lying about pretty much everything-is still ongoing, but Hollywood already has a movie version in the works. Adam McKay is signed on to write and direct, and he certainly has some experience in turning stories of financial malfeasance into Oscar-bait dram...

Donald Trump supporters now have their own dating site. — Confused as to why nobody was responding to their OKCupid messages, a group of Donald Trump supporters went ahead and started to The New York Post, the site now boasts over 500 members, mostly in well-populated urban centers like New York City and Washington, D.C.
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Jul 22, 2016

assignment desk: someone get @hhavrilesky to write about Bojack Horseman

Jul 20, 2016

currently brainstorming all the ways I could possibly screw up my first food co-op shift

Jul 20, 2016

@Jo_Livingstone my secret shame is that I like Jonathan Franzen, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Dave Eggers

Jul 20, 2016

@lmlauramarsh Last time I went to the Dinner Party, there was a dad there with his 8-year-old daughter. It renewed my faith in Dads.

Jul 18, 2016

@dansaltzstein @thisisjendoll the thought of *anything* bad happening to Emma Thompson is viscerally upsetting

Jul 18, 2016

I have not had so many feelings about a celebrity breakup since the Jon Hamm–Jennifer Westfeldt split 

Jul 18, 2016

@nandelabra @RVoronaCote to write a piece like this, you need to have more to say than "I'm not a bad person—RIGHT?" 

Jul 18, 2016

@nandelabra @RVoronaCote I think @TheBillfold has had some good pieces on this topic, but thoughtful editing is key

Jul 18, 2016

@RVoronaCote her guilt is mixed up with fear of looking tacky, and the essay doesn't manage to untangle those threads in a meaningful way

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