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Why Does Mars Have A Bright, Red Sky?  #AskEthan With such a thin atmosphere, it's a surprise it's so bright. But no, it's not just a "color-corrected Earth," there's a real, scientific reason for Mars' atmosphere!
RT @SciForbes: How Stephen Hawking's greatest discovery revolutionized black holes: 
@SethThatcher Gravity is a long-range force whose interactions travel at the speed of light. Any boson that mediates it must be massless, relativistic, and hot. So it would behave as radiation, not as matter, and cannot be dark matter.
@Luit67260498 @RCScience The 2nd law is about net heat flow. There is always heat flowing in both directions; the 2nd law tells you about net flow.
@Luit67260498 @RCScience Radiation will be inefficient until the Universe is about 10^20 years old. After that point, however, Hawking radiation will be greater than any energy absorbed.
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