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Founder of Consumerism Commentary. Personal finance writer & speaker. Brand consultant.

Pivot Your Way to a Better Life — At some point during my third year of college, I started to suspect something wasn't right. The path I set out for myself for the prior six years wasn't quite satisfying me. A young man of many interests, the prospect of spending a lifetime focusing on being the best I could possibly be at one calling - teaching music - became unappealing.

Job Interview Tips to Nail It | Adulting — Everything's on the line when you go in for a job interview in person. You're under pressure whether to earn money to keep food on your family's table or to go as far as you can with your first job.

6 Healthy Financial Values to Fix Your Money Attitude | Adulting — When you're struggling financially, you might have two different ways of dealing with it. You might freak out because you can't deal. Or you might just stick your head in the sand and ignore your problems because it hurts too much.

6 Life-Changing Tips When Starting Your First Job | Adulting — Now that you you're successfully navigated the interview and hiring process, you get to take a big step forward in your career by starting it. Or, if your job isn't exactly in your career path, at least you're working. Before long, all of your job's roles and responsibilities will be clear, and you'll start making your mark.

You Won't Reach Your Goals Without This One Key Factor | Adulting — Drake raps about collecting $500,000 to perform after starting from the bottom. The step in the middle is working hard, and he tells his audience all about it. I don't care if Aubrey Drake Graham really started at the bottom. He feels he did, and compared to some, sure, I'd agree.

On Point: Traits of the Best Relationships - Adulting — I've had some of the best relationships, but I've also had a few where the best thing I could say is that they were learning experiences. Here's what I've learned. I've identified twenty healthy behaviors that show you are doing what it takes to give yourself the best chance of having a long-lasting, loving relationship with your person.

When You're an Introvert But You Have to Work It | Adulting — Society in the United States is set up to give more advantages to extroverts than introverts. Whether in school or at work, those setting the culture make it clear that socialization and cooperation in groups is much preferrable to a collection of isolated individuals.

The Right Time for Adults to Have Sex | Adulting — Adults can have sex whenever they both decide that they want to have sex, if everyone involved is capable of consenting, and if doing so would be legal. Providing those two conditions are met, feel free to make your own choices about physical intimacy. But not so fast - at least not at first.

Start Adulting With These Awesome Instructions | Adulting — Home " Articles " 7,043Living " Start Adulting With These Awesome Instructions (Page 1 of 4) ☆ Harlan Landes If you follow just some of these suggestions from long-time and newbie adults, you'll be better than most. Which is your favorite?

Squad Goals: Save Up to Make Them Happen | Adulting — You and your closest friends may all share the same aspirations. Maybe it's a beach vacation together, maybe it's your own separate businesses, but you're close because you share some kind of life goal and desire in common.
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