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@AlixFox Dying to know what piece of media you’re talking about!
@andrewjteacher Ooh those are sexy! Also: as a fellow January baby I’m loving the juxtaposition of birthday present and tax return.
That’s not just sex, it’s all human interaction. We’re all constantly thinking, feeling, and doing many things at once, not all of which are effectively communicated. We can’t be expected to know what s/o else is thinking/feeling but it would help if we occasionally considered it
Y’know, we bang on a lot about communication in sex+ circles but we all have a responsibility to look out for and be sensitive to the things people may not be communicating well. Sometimes just feeling your feelings is hard enough without having to identify or articulate them.
Him: Looks like you need to get a handyman in. Me: Hold my drink... OHWAITNO I'll just put it in the cup holder on the buggy here while I grab my screwdriver! #diymum #multitasking
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