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South Florida Zika scare means new worries for pregnant women

sun-sentinel.com — Giving birth is stressful enough. Having a baby in South Florida, the nation's Zika ground zero, at a time when so much remains unknown about the virus and the news changes daily? "I have to admit, I have had my freak out moments.

Bugged by Zika? Maybe you should blame your bromeliads

sun-sentinel.com — Some South Florida homeowners may unwittingly be harboring Zika factories in their landscaping. The water-filled center cups of bromeliads -- those spikey, brightly foliaged plants available everywhere from garden suppliers to supermarkets -- are prime breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the Zika virus' most common carrier.

Zika:Lo que los viajeros deben saber en Florida

sun-sentinel.com — Los mosquitos que transmiten el zika suelen volar no más de unos pasos en toda su vida. Sin embargo, los seres humanos que pueden propagar el virus al ser picados pueden viajar por todo el mundo.

Travelers need to know that, like mosquitoes, they can spread Zika

sun-sentinel.com — Mosquitoes that carry Zika typically fly no more than about 160 yards in their lifetimes. Humans that can spread the virus when bitten, however, are able to travel the globe. That's why Zika prevention messages in the airports and cruise ports serving South Florida, home to the only locally acquired cases in the mainland U.S., are critical, public heath experts say.

'Killer' mosquitoes? That's business as usual in Florida

sun-sentinel.com — Tourists terrified of "killer mosquitoes" cancel their Florida vacations. Fleets of pesticide spray trucks head out pre-dawn. Outdoor festivals and sporting events are canceled, one after another. Life with Zika? Nah, this was 26 years ago. That's when St.

Wynwood Yard reopens after one worker tests positive for Zika

sun-sentinel.com — Wynwood Yard, the all outdoor dining and entertainment venue in the heart of Miami's Zika hot zone, will reopen Wednesday after closing a week ago due to safety concerns. One employee tested positive for the virus after workers at the Yard were tested through the Florida Department of Health following the closure, according to a written statement from the management Wednesday.

Four new local Zika cases likely in the Miami-Wynwood cluster

sun-sentinel.com — Four additional people are likely to have contracted Zika from local mosquitoes in the Miami-Wynwood Arts District, Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday, bringing the total to 17 local cases clustered there and 21 statewide. The 1-square-mile area centered around Wynwood remains the only place in the continental United States reporting locally transmitted Zika, with the first four cases confirmed on July 29.

Palm Beach County’s first possible local case being investigated

sun-sentinel.com — Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that state health officials are investigating Palm Beach County's first case of the Zika virus not acquired through travel. The infected person recently had been in Miami-Dade County, according to a written statement from the Governor's Office, and investigators are trying to determine the source of the infection.

Zika survival guide: What you need to know to stay sane and safe

sun-sentinel.com — Zika. Just the name is enough to make your head buzz. Should you move to Wyoming? Swear off patio bars? Wrap yourself in plastic every time you leave the house? Don't panic. Here is what you need to know to stay sane and safe.

Miami gets one more local Zika case, Broward's investigations closed

sun-sentinel.com — The number of local Zika virus cases linked to a hip Miami neighborhood continue to grow, with state officials on Friday announcing another possible locally acquired infection in the area. It has been exactly one week since the first local cases were confirmed in a 1-square-mile area centered in the Wynwood Arts District, a hot spot filled with galleries, restaurants and international tourists.
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