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Whereas in 1964, 90 percent of the 131 deaths were a result of tsunamis (including 11 killed 2,500 mikes away in Crescent City, Calif.) /11
Strike-slip movement is horizontal, not vertical as with a megathrust. So far less likely to generate tsunamis. Which is the case here ... no significant tsunamis generated. /10
Probably occurred on an ancient transform fault (transform faults occur where there is offset in a plate). Something like the San Andreas fault (which is also a transform and is also strike-slip). /9
Peter Haeussler, a USGS geologist who knows as much as anyone about Alaska quakes, said this one likely occurred at an "outer rise," a bulge in the Pacific plate where is is starting to dip downward. The faulting is more strike-slip, close to vertical. /8
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