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Why the lawsuit against ITT Education is significant — Did he say, first public enforcement? Indeed, he did, suggesting there will be more in an industry already reeling from investigations by various federal regulators and state attorneys general. The intriguing part of this story is that the the only reason the CFPB is there is because of the lending aspect of the story.

The Auditors Are Always Last to Know — (FORTUNE Magazine) - Are the reports of independent auditors worth the paper they're written on? Is the current system really protecting investors from accounting chicanery? You can't help but wonder in the wake of recent high-profile messes--from restatements to write-offs and losses at Boston Chicken, Sunbeam, Waste Management--not to mention the accounting meltdown that's devastated Cendant.

Why Did Computer Associates Change Auditors? — There wasn't a press release, and maybe it's not a big deal, but: On Friday, Computer Associates ( CA) disclosed, in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, that it had booted its longtime auditor, Ernst & Young, in favor of KPMG. (Nothing like disclosing it on a day half the world is on vacation!)

Greenberg: SolarCity Flying Too Close to the Sun? — SAN DIEGO ( TheStreet) -- When SolarCity reports earnings post-close today, keep an eye on the made-up metric the company (and some in the solar industry) uses and Wall Street focuses on: Retained value. This, in effect, is a future stream of revenue, projected over 20 years, and discounted at (a discretionary) 6%.

EARTH TO PLANET HOLLYWOOD IS THIS COMPANY REALLY WORTH $2.5 BILLION? — (FORTUNE Magazine) - When Robert Earl says, "I intend to build an empire," it has a certain ring of inevitability. A half-hour on the phone with him is all it takes to understand why investors think Planet Hollywood, the theme-restaurant chain of which he is CEO, deserves a stock market valuation in the same league as a huge, established company like Wendy's.

Conglomerates Going To Pieces — ITT CORP.`S decision last week to sell $1.7 billion in assets says as much about the future of conglomerates as it does about the company that got the diversification ball rolling in the first place.

The Buy-'Em-Up Boondoggle Investors love companies that grow by serial acquisition. They shouldn't. — (FORTUNE Magazine) - So sweet, but so dangerous. It sounds like the description of a James Bond villainess, but the phrase could also describe the allure of roll-ups. From AutoNation, which snapped up hundreds of car dealerships, to Iron Mountain, which acquired dozens of off-site record-storage businesses, companies that prefer the Sam's Club approach to acquisitions--they buy in bulk--have been rewarded with handsome stock prices.

SolarCity 'complicated': Herb Greenberg — CNBC's Herb Greenberg dug into SolarCity's cash flow, and the found the company is under an enormous amount of pressure to meet its previously forecasted growth.

Dell public vs. Dell private — Herb Greenberg, Pacific Square Research, talks about Dell's play for EMC and how the company's changed since going private 2.5 years ago.

From the Heart - TheStreet — The world, as we know it, has changed. That's how it feels. As I make calls to friends and sources, to see what they're hearing, the reaction is one of numbness and fear. Numbness about what has happened. Fear of the uncertainty. Everybody, it seems, knows somebody, directly or indirectly, who is most likely gone.
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Oct 22, 2016

@tphedgegroup In those yes, in others no. Most important rule: Just when u think u have it figured out…Ka-bam! Surprises always lurking.

Oct 22, 2016

@oleary_brandon Yep, people get stuff / timing wrong. Have a nice weekend.

Oct 22, 2016

@tphedgegroup I know you are always 100% right. Have a nice weekend!

Oct 22, 2016

3. Have a nice weekend everybody. I intend to! ;-)

Oct 22, 2016

2. Shorts get it as wrong as longs do. Sometimes it’s just timing. Sometimes the model transcends the warning signs in numbers, etc.

Oct 22, 2016

1. Sheesh. Now everybody comes out of the woodwork showing where shorts are wrong. I’m talking claims of “short/distort.” Read what I wrote.

Oct 22, 2016

My all-time fave “short/distort” mantra from ACAS: “You can’t restate a dividend.” No, can’t reststate, but can eliminate (which they did!)

Oct 22, 2016

Here is what we know from multiple examples: When companies/investors utter "short and distort" hold on2 your wallets and run for the hills!

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