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Intel Analyst-cum-Penmonkey [Sci/Policy/History/Black News] Catch Me:@SciAm @OZY @TheRoot @NPR... Clips:@LinkedIn Got Tips/Need a Story: stiehl.tipped.pen@Gmail

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Is #Starbucks' #BlondeEspresso overrated? Yes. Is it a new concept? No. Is it nice to have a pretty pleasantly citrusy, uncharred roast that complements drinks light on the milk and superfluous sugar? Hells yeah. (... But cold brew with Frangelico/Amaretto is still better)
What life is like as a freelancer who hasn't worked in an office in a long time: Twitter: #slackisdown!!!! Me: The hell is Slack? #Slack
#BrandsWithAilments Allstate: Do you need good hands? The smooth refreshing release of Pepsi brand morphine Coca(ine) a Cola: Taste the High
@marypankiw @DiscoverMag Yeah...just like every civilization always has.Just they will for many years in the future. If civilizations had always used to "what about" excuse to never advance themselves in other areas, then people would still be hungry--you just wouldn't have the internet to be aware of it
FINALLY! I've managed to work in a superfluous shout-out to @xkcd's Randall Munroe in a piece! Thanks @CarlJamesKing Also, something-something drones on an ethereal frozen waterworld orbiting saturn, something-something BAMF overengineered comet sample return op. #NewFrontiers https://t.co/NsqapSpW7P
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