Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng on Muck Rack

Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng

Senior Journalist — Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)
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I am a Journalist with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Gbc, with years of experience as a news anchor, programme host and a reporter, having covered many national and international events.

My documentaries on the state of Ghana's Prisons - 'Inside Prison' , 'Prisons Agriculture' and a ' Neg...

What was your first job as a journalist?

To cover a story about the installation of a chief in a local area

Have you ever used a typewriter?


How is social media changing news?

Through the fast track approach without a recourse to ethical values and the broad principles of traditional mainstream journalism.

Ambassador Extraordinaire of Ghana Prisons

2015 - Prisons
Crime and Human Rights reporting in recognition of various Prison documentaries - ('Inside Prison', ' Prison Agriculture', 'A neglected potential') exposing the deplorable conditions and persistent infractions of the law in Ghana's Prisons. Facilitating interventions aimed at making Ghana's Prisons, truly correctional institutions for the reformation and rehabilitating of prisoners to curb recidivism. Preventing abuse of prisoner rights through the provision of legal counsel for poor, ignorant and innocent prisoners, and ensuring that such prisoners get the right of appeal through the courts, and launching the first ever National Stop Crime Campaign in Ghana - an initiative which entails the screening of Prison documentaries in schools, churches, mosques and other trouble spots across Ghana to deter crime. Introduced on Ghana Television, the first ever 'Time with the Prisoner Series,' a one on one with the Prisoner from the Prison cells that shares with the public the real and painful experiences of the Prisoner, as well as the deplorable Prison conditions to serve as a disincentive to crime. Engaging members of the Justice Delivery Chain on the need to play their respective roles proactively to prevent needless incarceration of accused persons without trial to reduce the massive congestion in Ghana's prisons and engaging political heads and other stakeholders in crime prevention to double their efforts on crime prevention. Institutionalization of a massive social media campaign on the dangers of incarceration through the sharing of posts and videos on the physical and psychological dangers of Prison life and its effects on the youth.

Chevening Scholarship Award

2016 - investigative Journalism