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Global Editor in Chief of @TechRepublic at @CBSi. Co-author of Follow the Geeks (http://amzn.to/2cQlVaK).

How we learned to talk to computers, and how they learned to answer back - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — While speech is second nature for human beings, it is a complex and fast-developing field in computing. Learn how computers have acquired speech, and what it means for our future. Remember the famous scene in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey, when Hal 9000-the intelligent-turned-malevolent computer-regresses to his "childhood" and sings " Daisy Bell" as he's decommissioned by astronaut Dave Bowman?

Video: 3 ways to manage your task list, from low tech to high tech - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — If you're a leader, then you're always going to have more to do than you can possibly accomplish in a single day. That makes learning how to prioritize one of your most important skills. In the video above, we look at a trio of different methods for organizing the time honored task list, including a mix of high tech and low tech options.

Video: 3 tips for hiring Millennials

zdnet.com — Millennials are not the exotic species that they're sometimes portrayed as in the media. But since they've grown up in the digital age, hiring them does take a few special considerations.

Video: 3 invaluable tips from famous tech entrepreneurs

zdnet.com — It takes a great attitude and a lot of perseverance to successfully run a small business, so you can use all the inspiration you can get. In this video, as part of our Small Business TV series, we share three quick-but-useful tips from a few tech industry leaders that you'll recognize.

Governments and nation states are now officially training for cyberwarfare: An inside look - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and others are now running training exercises to prepare for the outbreak of cyberwar. Locked Shields is the largest simulation and we take you inside. Berylia is under attack. Again. The island nation, located somewhere in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, relies on its state-of-the-art drone industry for a large part of its income.

3 things you can learn from the NFL about digital transformation

zdnet.com — Two years ago, the National Football League was seriously concerned about the fact that Millennials weren't coming to stadiums. However, as TechRepublic recently reported in a new long form story, America's premier sports league has buttressed itself against that trend with two moves: A concerted effort to put high-density, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi in all but two of the stadiums in the league Powerful mobile apps that have dramatically enhanced the in-stadium experience for customers You can read the full cover story on TechRepublic, or you can download it as a free PDF in magazine format (registration required).

How the NFL and its stadiums became leaders in Wi-Fi, monetizing apps, and customer experience - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — Learn how sports stadiums and professional sports leagues have embraced digital transformation to make stadiums the best place to watch the game again. In the past two years, fan expectations have changed dramatically when it comes to connectivity and Wi-Fi in stadiums. Fans are consuming Wi-Fi bandwidth as fast as the stadiums can provide it, and their appetites seem insatiable.

TechRepublic to partner with CNET and City of Louisville to connect smart cities to professionals and their living spaces - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — The City of Louisville has emerged as a surprising leader in the movement toward smart cities and on Wednesday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced that the city is opening a 7,000 square foot smart city command center in downtown Louisville and it will be capped off by the new CNET Urban Smart Home one floor above it.

Video: How to make any Android feel like a Nexus in 3 quick steps - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — For past several years, TechRepublic's site analytics have shown that the most common Android phones accessing our site have all been Nexus devices. So, we know that a lot of professionals are into that pure, unmodified experience of Google's version of Android.

The dirtiest little secret about big data: Jobs

zdnet.com — We like to think of big data as one of the most important advancements in the tech industry in recent years. While the term itself has been abused for marketing purposes, the real concept behind big data--combining structured data (traditional business data) with unstructured data (new publicly available data sources)--produces new kinds of insights that were never possible before.
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