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TechRepublic staff spotlight: Nick Heath, Chief Reporter

techrepublic.com — If you've spent much time on TechRepublic, you've probably noticed Nick Heath's byline on an astounding array of different topics-from conflict minerals in the Congo to Microsoft's ouster from Munich, Germany to in-depth coverage on the unexpected rise of the Raspberry Pi.

Why Trump and Brexit are an indictment of the tech industry and its worldview

zdnet.com — I played several different sports in high school, but the one I enjoyed the most was cross country. That was because high school sports can be surprisingly political. Stars always stand out no matter where they come from, but when there was a lot of similarly talented athletes competing for the rest of the spots, judging between them can get highly subjective.

TechRepublic's Teena Maddox will tell you what your device choices say about you

techrepublic.com — Change is exciting, change is fun, and change is energizing. At least, to a Myers-Briggs ENFP personality type like myself. And here at TechRepublic, my job is changing as I leave behind my editing duties at Tech Pro Research and take on the role of Senior Writer so that I can specialize in important tech topics that we're going to spend more time covering.

Photos: 10 hot devices to boost your productivity in 2016

techrepublic.com — Highly productive professionals are always looking for tools to make their work faster, simpler, and more efficient. Here are some of the best productivity boosters TechRepublic has evaluated in 2016. iStockphoto/grinvalds Jason Hiner is Global Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Global Long Form Editor of ZDNet.

Twitter's future glory: One of the most valuable data sources in human history

techrepublic.com — Twitter continues to chase to the wrong destiny. It's sitting on one of the most valuable data sources in human history, and yet it continues to think it's an advertising platform. It continues to chase Facebook for social advertising dollars in a game that Twitter can never win because Facebook knows a lot more about its users.

Apple Car: Two big factors open the door for a disruptor

zdnet.com — At Apple's WWDC 2016 we shouldn't expect to hear anything about the company's much-rumored electric car, but that doesn't mean the biggest potential moonshot in company history won't overshadow the events this week. On hearing the rumors about Apple building a car, my first--admittedly cynical--reaction was, "Are they going to make it thinner and lighter?"

Why free university 42 breaks all the rules for educating engineers, and is coming to the US

techrepublic.com — French university École 42 torches the instruction manual on how to educate software engineers. It eliminates teachers. It doesn't make students memorize facts, or even buy books. There's no syllabus or curriculum to be found anywhere in the school's Paris headquarters. And to top it off, it doesn't charge students any tuition or fees.

How Timescope's public VR terminal can show the past or future of a significant site

techrepublic.com — The Bastille-famous for the storming that signified the start of the French Revolution-was demolished in 1789. Today, in the Place de la Bastille in Paris, nothing remains of the historic castle and prison, to the disappointment of many tourists and history-lovers.

Q.rad uses servers to warm homes and offices instead of wasting energy to cool data centers

techrepublic.com — Data centers now consume as much energy globally as the airline industry, and their energy footprint is expected to triple over the next decade. French startup Qarnot is making more efficient use of some of that energy by taking the heat that servers produce and using it for climate control in homes and offices instead of using more energy to cool off the servers.

7 Chinese companies that will shape the future of the tech industry: My week in Beijing

zdnet.com — If you still think Chinese tech companies are only about replicating the innovations that others have made, then you've got some catching up to do.
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Jul 22, 2016

Co-bots: @Ford's experiment in robot-human collaboration where no one loses their job  http://tek.io/2agv39o  https://t.co/Kz2djIZoiw

Jul 22, 2016

RT @AccentureDigi: Why creating equal opportunities for women starts with eliminating workplace stereotypes  http://bddy.me/2am7ax4  https://t.co/fajAKGQjtR

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