how... how did the entire gamelan get wedged in there like that? what? nonsense. strom thurmond doesn't even have opposable thumbs.

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days so hot that long deliberate walks' depths of sensation risk reading as agony, not bliss of skin in honest dialogue with the air itself.
'the infected mass' from those who walk away (matthew patton): is it music? irrelevant; it's a wailing brushstroke, a photonegative megaton.
b.gooch: early sony walkman in paris: 'models in those days were like camels on the silk road, carrying new technology ... around the world'
riposte to wall infantilism: lebbeus woods's 'metastructure', a slender entry within multi-wondrous 'slow manifesto' 
raphael on kubrick: he makes sure that the casual never falls on his head... becomes damocles without a sword, a man threatened by a thread.
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