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About Those Bad Camera Angles At The VP Debate — Many viewers to the Vice Presidential Debate felt the camera angles were awful. While viewers might not have been able to know exactly what bothered them, they were right. Some of the camera angles violated a basic rule of television and distracted attention away from the candidates words. Here's what likely happened.

Bernie Sanders Won the Most Votes Ever in a New Hampshire Presidential Primary — This post was originally published on Medium . Besides winning the New Hampshire Democratic Primary by a wider than expected margin, Bernie Sanders just made history. He won the most votes ever in a New Hampshire Primary. That's not just for the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

Disrupt NY Hackathon 2012

ALL the 15 products listed on this 1991 Radio Shack Ad can be done on the iPhone

10 Best Practices for Live Streaming Production — 10 Best Practices for Live Streaming Production Live online video is exploding in popularity, so read these expert tips to get perfect results when moving an event from the camera to the viewer's screen. Even when all the content, talent, cameras, lighting, and audio are worked out, live streaming event production is far from over.

Jon Orlin's Blog — Omnifocus Dashboard - my php script that gives me better views into my task list I'm a big fan of Omnifocus. It takes a mostly GTD ( Getting Things Done) approach to managing my task list. It syncs to my mac, iPhone and iPad. But it doesn't give me all the dashboard views that I want.

TC Cribs Bloopers - A Side Of Jason Kincaid You Have Never Seen Before (TCTV) — I need to start with a warning. Depending on your work environment, this may not be safe for work. Especially if you don't want to hear some a lot of four letter words. It may not be safe around small children either. But for everyone else, you might enjoy watching this video over and over again.

Obihai Offers New Low-Cost Home Phone Options As Technology Change At Google Ends Free Service — My free lunch is about to end. I'm one of a few hundred thousand customers enjoying free monthly home phone service.* We use a low-cost analog telephone adapter (ATA) called an OBi, connected to Google Voice for free domestic home phone service. But on May 15th, Google is dropping support for the XMPP protocol that makes this work.

Diigo, A Tool For Highlighting And Adding Sticky Notes To The Web, Gets A Facelift — The social bookmarking, web annotation and research tool Diigo is launching a redesign and refresh today. The site has 7 million registered users, but the boot-strapped company is seeking a path to profitability. The founder tells TechCrunch the simple fact Diigo is alive and kicking, while many players in the space have failed, reveals some important lessons.

Sleep Tracking Startup Zeo Says Goodnight — One of the early pioneers in the Quantified Self movement has quietly gone out of business. Zeo, a leading maker of hardware and software used by consumers to track sleep and improve their health, has not been operating since the end of last year. A trustee has nearly completed the sale of all company assets.
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Oct 23, 2016

My thoughts on ATT/TimeWarner merger: All The Media Companies I’ve Worked For Will Soon Be Owned By Phone Companies 

Oct 18, 2016

,@msquinn soon you will be even using PointCast again

Oct 17, 2016

.@brooke @HillaryClinton if only they had enabled two factor authentication, they wouldn't be having these problems.

Oct 17, 2016

Odds that all Trump states are connected & 3 Clinton islands? 100%? Not counting Alaska/Hawaii. @NateSilver538 

Oct 15, 2016

.@nytimes home page works but none of the article pages work. Some have reported this on twitter for almost 1 hour. Hmmm. Odd timing.

Oct 14, 2016

RT @paulg: Others may be reassured to hear Trump has only a 15% chance of winning, but it terrifies me. In Silicon Valley 15% is a good chance.

Oct 09, 2016

RT @BillDixonish: Remember when Donald Trump complained about his mic not working? The universe has a sense of humor.

Oct 02, 2016

RT @BenjySarlin: This week is like if Dukakis got in the tank, saw the TV coverage, got back in the tank, drove cross country while staff begged him to stop

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