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@ByronTau on further thought, I agree with a lot of it. A lot of people don't write about DC and that's fine. But she's right that when DC-based reporters for national outlets DO write about DC they often do a bad job... which is odd. Crystal City a great example.
@ByronTau he's got a good point about Crystal City though
@ernietedeschi @JHWeissmann @andrewflowers @WSJ yeah, see, this is exactly what I see as "false precision".... 2% is excellent but 2.5% or 1.5% is "failure"... nah, all of those outcomes are terrific
@ernietedeschi @JHWeissmann @andrewflowers @WSJ and these expectations will probably pop up to 2.3% or 2.4% at some point, and inflation will be a tiny bit above the target, and the Fed should not hammer the economy when this happens. You go from 1.7% to 2.3%, maybe you push the rate up once or twice. That's all you need.
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