I'm the woman who left the LA Times because I wanted to move to Maine. Go figure how happiness works. Still into music. Jazzed to be @niemanstory editor.

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@riparian I did! And then made a bigger puddle jump -- across the Atlantic, cat in tow. And have arrived at my dream flat in the East End of London.
@jeffmbarker Ha! Yes, enough so that the maintenance van prowled the runway to set off flares to scare them away.
My puddle jumper from Maine to Boston was delayed by a scene from The Birds -- a million black birds on the runway. Now I know why the collective noun is a murder of crows.
@DianaMarcum After tonight's (freaky) rain, you may wake up to grass tomorrow, rubbing your eyes like a cartoon character.
@DianaMarcum You can almost picture him racing across his Arabian desert sands here. (Pay no attention to the snow under the barn door...)
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