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Getting up early on a Sunday to work on your renovation is the new waking up at 2pm with last…  https://www.instagram.com/p/BgcdfD2F4EQ/ 
My critique of the film is from a human rights perspective, that technology = civilisation, which in our reality is actually a Western, neo-colonial, savage vs saviour way of approaching aid.
It was of the few times in cinema I haven’t had to watch women face the ultimatum of love vs self. And the only film I think in which the men around them understood that they shouldn’t have to make that decision.
I’ve been watching white women in movies do anything for love since I was a kid. When I have daughters I will want them to grow up watching the strong WoC in Black Panther who refused to compromise their vision for men, and their men who respectfully supported those visions.
I thought a lot of things about Black Panther, most of them good. One of them was how it’s the only blockbuster movie I can think of in which grown men cry every time they show emotion. That was a revelation.
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