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Ross blew up what had been an agreed plan--more than enough reason for Cohn to quit. And who wants to follow him (or stay), knowing that's how things work? Après Cohn, le Deluge? by @KimStrassel  https://www.wsj.com/articles/apres-cohn-le-deluge-1520552856  via @WSJOpinion
@Heeler123Phil @nannieboo I'm open to having a discussion about China. But of course the point here is that we've gone far beyond China with this.
For the record (and just saying) it was Democrats who coined the term "fair trade."  https://twitter.com/davecsfb/status/971929819842785280 
I also love how all the protectionists say we are just punishing the "cheaters" while ignoring that we cheat with the best of them. Can anyone say ag subsidies? Boeing? Nike? GM?
Tariffs don't drain the swamp. Tariffs ARE the swamp. They come from special pleaders. I'm still amazed so few people are noting that Wilbur Ross is a former steel honcho, who just wangled a huge handout for his steel buddies.
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