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'London Calling' at the Getty and the tension between abstract and figurative painting

latimes.com — Is the School of London real? A new exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum features six prominent painters working in London in the decades following World War II, and it assumes as much - although without making a vigorous case for their coherence as an artistic school one way or the other.

'Current: LA' art biennial: Water may be the theme, but gas is what you'll need to see it all

latimes.com — While sitting on the grass in the warm summer sunshine and watching the Echo Park Lake water-jets shoot high into the air, thoughts of violent death are unlikely to crowd the mind. "The Shade" is designed to change that.

The 'Maverick Modernist' you don't know but should: Peter Krasnow at the Laguna Art Museum

latimes.com — In 1929, photographer Edward Weston made a portrait of his friend Peter Krasnow, 43, a painter and sculptor whose studio in Atwater Village was not far from Weston's own in the Glendale area then known as Tropico.

Getty exhibition makes a case for the enduring power of Theodore Rousseau

latimes.com — Is there a fate worse for a painter than being remembered primarily as a "precursor" to a later, very major development in the history of Western art? Take Theodore Rousseau (1812-1867), the subject of a fine, newly opened survey exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

'Made in L.A. 2016': Hammer Museum biennial proves a thoughtful place to ponder the possibilities

latimes.com — Where is Todd Gray? The artist is one of 26 included in the latest installment of the Hammer Biennial, "Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only." The diverse survey of recent art opened last week at the Westwood museum, but Gray's work is nowhere to be seen.

The media age run amok in 'Federico Solmi: The Brotherhood' at Luis De Jesus Gallery

latimes.com — Imagine animating the surging throngs in James Ensor's monumental 1889 masterpiece, "Christ's Entry Into Brussels in 1889," with its grotesque painted caricatures of mobs populating church and state and engulfed in an alarming aura of surging madness. You'll have some idea of what Federico Solmi's "The Brotherhood" is like.

Claire Falkenstein's strangely contradictory sculptures

latimes.com — In the 1960s, Claire Falkenstein was the go-to artist for monumental abstract sculpture commissions in Los Angeles. She also made prominent outdoor sculptures for civic spaces in California cities stretching from the Central Valley to the Mexican border.

Alison Saar traces diasporas in the exceptional 'Silt, Soot and Smut' at L.A. Louver Gallery

latimes.com — When the Great Mississippi Flood displaced hundreds of thousands of African Americans in 1927, many chose to keep on going. Impelled by the waters of the worst U.S. flood ever recorded, they joined another rising tide - a mass migration from the rural South to the urban Northeast, Midwest and West.

Art meets activism in Andrea Bowers' 'Triumph of Labor' at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

latimes.com — A historical face-off is the congenial centerpiece of Andrea Bowers' exhibition of recent work at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. On one side of the room is an adaptation of a late-19th century graphic, blown up to monumental scale. On the other is a wall mural made from 168 color snapshots.

Finding new dimensions in 'Abstract Classicists' at Louis Stern

latimes.com — In the late 1950s, Helen Lundeberg (1908-1999) developed a crisp, hard-edge style for paintings that oscillate visually between geometric abstraction and wide-open landscapes navigating between the natural and built environments. As a recent retrospective at the Laguna Art Museum showed, the best examples date from the late-1950s to the mid-1960s.
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Jul 30, 2016

'London Calling' at the Getty and the tension between abstract and figurative painting  http://fw.to/k4rHMYK 

Jul 29, 2016

Artist, writer, museum: “They do not seem to have realized that the 1980s are over”  http://bit.ly/2amMseH  &  http://lat.ms/2av1LmJ 

Jul 29, 2016

In Hogarth's 1733 painting, fashionable society ladies have dropped by Bedlam to gape at 'the crazies' https://t.co/aq6X0XLlTx

Jul 29, 2016

@cmonstah I would only delete the word "like" from that view. It actually is just such a list.

Jul 28, 2016

RT @NateGoldman: As soon as Khizr Khan finished his speech, "register to vote" spiked as a Google search. https://t.co/0HZbBuCWwR

Jul 28, 2016

RT @DavidCornDC: Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.

Jul 27, 2016

RT @TylerGreenDC: ICYMI: Fisk University secretly sold a Florine Stettheimer in 2010. Simply outrageous.  http://nyti.ms/2acg4If  https://t.co/hGfuE3Pve5

Jul 26, 2016

Looking forward to seeing what Bill Clinton will be wearing when he speaks at the Dem Convention tonight. #DNCConvention #DNCinPHL

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