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LACMA's exhibition 'Sculpt': Incoherent pretension for an audience of one

latimes.com — "Sculpt," a 50-minute film by French Conceptual artist Loris Gréaud, is the latest event program in contemporary art offered by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Event programs are appointment-only exhibitions of a single, immersive work designed for a limited audience.

Uncharted seas in 'How to Build a Foghorn' at Samuel Freeman Gallery

latimes.com — Foghorns are virtually obsolete today, new technology having usurped their Industrial Age function of warning vehicles about hidden navigational hazards. Relegated to the realm of poetic metaphor, they turn up as a loose hook for the 63 works in the four-artist show "How to Build a Foghorn."

The 'Grind' of city life at Various Small Fires

latimes.com — A disheveled cement wall in the courtyard of the Hollywood gallery Various Small Fires conceals a sculptural tableau. Mateo Tannatt has etched the word "Café" into the wall, and behind it a segment of construction scaffolding holds a dozen empty drinking glasses.

Who am I? Provacative answers in 'Me, Myself, I' at China Art Objects

latimes.com — LaToya Ruby Frazier's black-and-white photograph of her grandmother shows the gray-haired matriarch in profile, lighting up a Pall Mall in a cluttered room stuffed with nearly two-dozen dolls. It takes just a moment to register that the tousled older woman is black and that almost all the dolls, many elaborately dressed and coifed, are white.

Alex Da Corte set Pop aflame at Art + Practice

latimes.com — With its vivid colors, direct appeal to commerce and jaunty emphasis on diversionary amusement, Pop is not often regarded as one of the dark arts. The work of Alex Da Corte seems to be an exception to the rule.

'London Calling' at the Getty and the tension between abstract and figurative painting

latimes.com — Is the School of London real? A new exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum features six prominent painters working in London in the decades following World War II, and it assumes as much - although without making a vigorous case for their coherence as an artistic school one way or the other.

'Current: LA' art biennial: Water may be the theme, but gas is what you'll need to see it all

latimes.com — While sitting on the grass in the warm summer sunshine and watching the Echo Park Lake water-jets shoot high into the air, thoughts of violent death are unlikely to crowd the mind. "The Shade" is designed to change that.

The 'Maverick Modernist' you don't know but should: Peter Krasnow at the Laguna Art Museum

latimes.com — In 1929, photographer Edward Weston made a portrait of his friend Peter Krasnow, 43, a painter and sculptor whose studio in Atwater Village was not far from Weston's own in the Glendale area then known as Tropico.

Getty exhibition makes a case for the enduring power of Theodore Rousseau

latimes.com — Is there a fate worse for a painter than being remembered primarily as a "precursor" to a later, very major development in the history of Western art? Take Theodore Rousseau (1812-1867), the subject of a fine, newly opened survey exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

'Made in L.A. 2016': Hammer Museum biennial proves a thoughtful place to ponder the possibilities

latimes.com — Where is Todd Gray? The artist is one of 26 included in the latest installment of the Hammer Biennial, "Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only." The diverse survey of recent art opened last week at the Westwood museum, but Gray's work is nowhere to be seen.
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Aug 23, 2016

Hartford's venerable @TheWadsworth museum will offer free admission to city residents, effective immediately  http://bit.ly/2bLKt2e 

Aug 22, 2016

A decision with a surprise twist: Court rules museum can keep Nazi-looted Adam & Eve masterpieces with a hidden past  http://fw.to/6Bm78EL 

Aug 22, 2016

@jerrysaltz Some early voting starts in about six weeks. Better add 'bold.'  http://bit.ly/2a1vRPN 

Aug 22, 2016

5 months after a $56 million renovation & 3-year closure, Louisville's Speed Museum lays off 7 employees  http://cjky.it/2bIjKqi 

Aug 22, 2016

@jerrysaltz Step away from the shift key. Step away from the shift key.

Aug 22, 2016

1970s gay street fashions and other vintage discoveries in 'Photography and Language'  http://fw.to/KNU5jlN 

Aug 19, 2016

Huntington Library sets out to decode thousands of Civil War telegrams hidden for a century  http://fw.to/O9L4ZgI 

Aug 18, 2016

Bulky, heavy, pricey - yet flourishing. Art catalogs keep print alive in the digital era  http://fw.to/aJYhwCg 

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