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At LACMA's Toba Khedoori show, enchanting mysteries burn beneath a fragile surface

latimes.com — What is burning in Toba Khedoori's fireplace? In 2005, the L.A.-based artist made a painting of a domestic hearth ablaze, the life-size image rendered at viewer eye-level on an immense field of waxy white paper pieced together from two smaller sheets. (Overall, it's more than 11 feet tall and 16 feet wide.)

'The Gildless Age': A different tale of the '1 percent' at the Torrance Art Museum

latimes.com — When some of the gilding gets stripped away from our New Gilded Age, defined by the concentration of income and wealth that fueled the incredible rise of the "1 percent," what is left behind? A new show at the Torrance Art Museum has some thoughts.

'Doug Aitken: Electric Earth': Why MOCA's big new show has too few sparks

latimes.com — Smashed hopes, lost love, inevitable decay and social dissolution, all within a seamless Mobius strip of passing time - Doug Aitken's work in sculpture and immersive video installations during the past 20 years has taken a romantic view of life's predictable unraveling. Usually the musing is wrapped in a sleek, even slick package of easily consumable commercial design.

11 don't-miss art exhibitions for fall: Quaytman, McLaughlin and a 'Shimmer of Gold'

latimes.com — The exhibition calendar is packed in the months to come. Some picks: Sept. 3-Feb. 20 'Lari Pittman: Mood Books' at the Huntington The Los Angeles artist's 65 new paintings in six monumental illustrated books, each one 4 feet wide when opened, will be shown in the Scott Galleries in an installation designed by architect Michael Maltzan.

'Alternative Dreams: 17th Century Chinese Paintings From the Tsao Collection' at LACMA

latimes.com — "The way of painting belongs to the one who believes in having the universe in his own hands," wrote Dong Qichang four centuries ago, "and that before his eyes there is nothing but life and the motivating forces for life." Dong should know. The painter led what amounted to a lasting artistic revolution in 17th century China.

LACMA's exhibition 'Sculpt': Incoherent pretension for an audience of one

latimes.com — "Sculpt," a 50-minute film by French Conceptual artist Loris Gréaud, is the latest event program in contemporary art offered by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Event programs are appointment-only exhibitions of a single, immersive work designed for a limited audience.

Uncharted seas in 'How to Build a Foghorn' at Samuel Freeman Gallery

latimes.com — Foghorns are virtually obsolete today, new technology having usurped their Industrial Age function of warning vehicles about hidden navigational hazards. Relegated to the realm of poetic metaphor, they turn up as a loose hook for the 63 works in the four-artist show "How to Build a Foghorn."

The 'Grind' of city life at Various Small Fires

latimes.com — A disheveled cement wall in the courtyard of the Hollywood gallery Various Small Fires conceals a sculptural tableau. Mateo Tannatt has etched the word "Café" into the wall, and behind it a segment of construction scaffolding holds a dozen empty drinking glasses.

Who am I? Provacative answers in 'Me, Myself, I' at China Art Objects

latimes.com — LaToya Ruby Frazier's black-and-white photograph of her grandmother shows the gray-haired matriarch in profile, lighting up a Pall Mall in a cluttered room stuffed with nearly two-dozen dolls. It takes just a moment to register that the tousled older woman is black and that almost all the dolls, many elaborately dressed and coifed, are white.

Alex Da Corte set Pop aflame at Art + Practice

latimes.com — With its vivid colors, direct appeal to commerce and jaunty emphasis on diversionary amusement, Pop is not often regarded as one of the dark arts. The work of Alex Da Corte seems to be an exception to the rule.
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Sep 27, 2016

Fully furnished? Beverly Hills spec home with an original Andy Warhol lists for $43.9 million  http://lat.ms/2d2hrgO 

Sep 27, 2016

In the Toba Khedoori mid-career survey @LACMA most every work is a savvy hybrid of drawing, painting & installation  http://lat.ms/2ddVvPq 

Sep 27, 2016

RT @peterwsinger: Missed this: Trump snubbed moderator Holt after the debate. A poor loser move.  http://vine.co/v/5rzQgHFU6zO  HT @superdeluxe

Sep 27, 2016

RT @RobertMackey: Brit Hume: "the TV audience saw the faces of the two candidates... and she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive"

Sep 26, 2016

RT @jonallendc: Donald Trump has given us the worst debate performance by any major-party nominee since the advent of television.

Sep 26, 2016

@TPCarney @whpresscorps It's called an autopsy, which is what one does to a corpse.

Sep 26, 2016

RT @mlcalderone: Trump used to say that he had 25 articles showing he was anti-war. (None exist). Now his evidence includes private phone calls with Hannity.

Sep 26, 2016

RT @fakedansavage: Donald Trump is now lecturing Clinton about treating someone with disrespect during a debate. #debatenight

Sep 26, 2016

RT @chrislhayes: You were sued for discrimination Yes but, 1) Lots of people were sued! 2) We settled with no admission of guilt!

Sep 26, 2016

RT @mattyglesias: HOLT: Speaking of Law & Order, what was your favorite cast?

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