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@User_Unlisted Like, you might suggest these actions don't hurt trans women, but multiple countries already have self ID and saw zero increase in crimes as a result. It's an imagined hypothetical issue, over which trans women are being pushed into male spaces where they do get attacked.
@User_Unlisted Yeah, but here's the thing, if you make it more difficult for people to transition, you're forcing trans women who are in the middle of a 7 year legal process to transition into mens spaces.
@LewieP @RichStanton And even if it is standard policy, it's still newsworthy to tell people "hey, after six weeks, those refunds are now happening in the next few days". That's still valid info for the consumer.
@LewieP @RichStanton The release date changed six weeks ago, is it standard policy to wait that long before doing so? Also, Farcry 5 didn;t get auto refunds so is it just changes to a nebulous window?
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