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Leigh Buchanan

Editor-At-Large — Inc.

Leigh Buchanan is an editor/writer for Inc. Magazine. Her tenure as crossword puzzle editor at TV Guide remains her proudest achievement.

The 77-Year-Old Cowboy Bringing Pianos Into the 21st Century

inc.com — The surprising link between Brigham Young, an early leader of the Mormon Church, and Brockett Parsons, the keyboardist for Lady Gaga, is a 77-year-old former cowboy named Gerald R. Daynes. Daynes, who goes by "Skip," is the fourth-generation owner of Daynes Music, a $6 million Steinway piano dealer in Midvale, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.

How the Sam Adams Founder Used Science to Build the Perfect Beer Glass

inc.com — Long before hipsters, long before foodies, long before farmer's markets that act as auditions for Whole Foods, there was "craft." The term, which today can describe everything from cocktails to pizza, originally was applied to beer. Craft brewing traditionally involves small, independent producers who use a mix of traditional and innovative processes and ingredients to create distinctive, high-quality quaffs.

How 900 Nude Mannequins Kick-Started This Founder's Million-Dollar Business

inc.com — The bankruptcy of American Apparel produced an embarrassment of riches for Judi Henderson-Townsend. In January the retail chain shipped 900 nude fiberglass figures from closed stores to Mannequin Madness, her Oakland, California-based sale-and-rental business. But the new inventory included some unpopular models: kneeling mannequins, supine mannequins, headless mannequins.

This Company Is Perfecting Your Morning Cup of Coffee Without Touching a Single Bean

inc.com — Imagine a product with a $26 billion U.S. market. A single ingredient accounts for 98 percent of its composition. Yet the product's entire value proposition is determined by the quality of the other 2 percent. Anyone see an opportunity here?

How I Coped With My Co-Founder's Death and Made Our Company His Legacy

inc.com — Bhavin Parikh and Hansoo Lee became two of the founders of Magoosh in 2008, when they were MBA students at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Propelled by its leaders' complementary strengths, the Berkeley-based online test-prep startup slowly gained momentum. Then Parikh found himself suddenly--and tragically--alone.

The 102-Year-Old Company Behind the World's Most Unlikely Chocolate Store

inc.com — Edward Marc Brands is both a 102-year-old family business and a hot startup, led by sibling political animals Chris Edwards and Dana Edwards Manatos. (Their brother, Mark Edwards, is COO.) Chris Edwards explains how the Pittsburgh-based company soared, with a little help from Sarah Palin and the Pentagon.

The Gritty Startups Topping This Year's Inc. 5000

inc.com — As a 21-year-old cop in rural Missouri, Caleb Arthur rushed to the site of a meth lab explosion and--fearing there were children inside--entered the building. The lungful of anhydrous ammonia he inhaled consigned him to bed for four months.

How Pi Lab Is Convincing Thousands of Parents to Pay $100 for a Rubber Duck

inc.com — Edwin is kind and yellow and lives on Main Street. Stroll through the French doors of the neat red brick building on the west side of Carmel, Indiana, and you're in his world. There is a grass-green floor and sky-blue walls laminated with larger-than-life images of Edwin reading a book and Edwin standing, one wing extended in a gesture of welcome.

Why Running a Private Detective Business Is as Wild as You Think It Is

inc.com — As much as people, parks, and politics, crime shapes a city's character. They found his body in that alley. She was last seen leaving this market. You can still make out the bullet holes under the neon Pabst sign. Even Seattle, considered relatively safe by urban standards, has its mean streets.

A $40 Million Business In A Town Of 3000

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Feb 28, 2016

Excellent. I am approaching Venice Beach.

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