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Here's Why It's So Hard to Start a Business in the U.S.

inc.com — Hey, at least we beat the crap out of Malta. In the World Bank's annual report on the ease of doing business, the United States ranks eighth out of 190 countries. But it was all the way down at No. 51 on the ease of starting a business, a ranking that weighs factors like procedures, time, and costs.

Why These Identical Twins Dream of a Chicago Without Baldness

inc.com — In Chicago, Brian Urlacher is everywhere. The former Bears linebacker towers above highways and busy intersections, from downtown to O'Hare. His stare is steely; his powerful arms spread. On his chest: the iconic number-54 jersey. On his head: a subdued sweep of soft, brown hair. "Urlacher Tackles Balding" the billboards proclaim.

How to Build a $100 Million Brand People Love

inc.com — Beautiful, compelling products emerge from beautiful, compelling cultures. Consequently, companies should approach branding from the inside out, said Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method, the cleaning products business beloved by consumers who care about design and the environment.

How Kayak's Paul English Built Great Companies While Fighting Mental Demons

inc.com — The dizzying fecundity of the entrepreneurial mind is in on full display toward the end of Tracy Kidder's " A Truck Full of Money: One Man's Quest to Recover from Great Success." Kidder's latest book is about Paul English, co-founder of the travel search site Kayak. The chapter in question concerns--of all things--URLs.

This Philadelphia Ice Cream Business Is Serving Up a Double Scoop of Weird

inc.com — Four years later, the calls keep coming. The phone rings and a voice--Hannibal Lecter-silken--begins to recite: "There's good reason for my glistening skin...and how I shine...and how my pores are so clean and clear...I eat Little Baby's Ice Cream...." Little Baby's gets at least one prank call a day, says co-founder Pete Angevine.

The Turning of Atlanta

hbr.org — Executive Summary When Shirley Franklin took over as mayor of Atlanta in 2001, city hall was flat broke, employee morale was in the basement, and the public had lost faith. Franklin describes, in her own words, how she's managing the city's recovery. Shirley Franklin knows how to execute a turnaround.

Why 'Feminine' Leaders Are More Effective

Book Reviews: Clayton M. Christensen's 'Competing Against '

inc.com — In 1995, Clayton M. Christensen married two words that have stayed fruitfully coupled ever since. "Disruptive innovation"--the sexiest term to hit the management lexicon since Joseph Schumpeter's "creative destruction"--made the scene just as the internet was starting to bust things up. Not surprisingly, tech entrepreneurs adopted it as their rallying cry.

How These Founders Convinced Millennials to Rub Charcoal on Their Armpits

inc.com — Our realtor was apologetic. Jess Edelstein had been on a string of calls while marching my husband and I from condo to row house to townhouse in Center City, Philadelphia. As we paused in a Society Hill courtyard, she explained the cause of her distraction: A natural deodorant business she was trying to launch with her best friend.

The 77-Year-Old Cowboy Bringing Pianos Into the 21st Century

inc.com — The surprising link between Brigham Young, an early leader of the Mormon Church, and Brockett Parsons, the keyboardist for Lady Gaga, is a 77-year-old former cowboy named Gerald R. Daynes. Daynes, who goes by "Skip," is the fourth-generation owner of Daynes Music, a $6 million Steinway piano dealer in Midvale, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.
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